Tuesday, October 20, 2009

8 inch Super Sentai figures

That I know of, there has never been any 8 inch figures for Zyuranger, Dairanger, Ohranger or Megaranger officially made by Bandai Japan. Only bootlegs. I've had this picture for over 10 years and beleived they were 8 inchers but I have no evidence that Bandai Japan made 8 inch GoGo Five figures. The picture to the bottom right looks like 8 inch GoGo Five figures but I might be wrong. At further inspection, they look like those regular imposable vinyl figures. They could be bootlegs....

UPDATED 11/6/09 10:30 PM EST
I have seen bootlegs of the Dairangers. These are bootleg figures, meaning they are not official Dairanger figures but some anonymous company sold figures looking like the MMPR 1993 8 inch figures with the Dairanger looks.

Some of the Bandai Japan 8 inch figures:

Turboranger (1989)
The only pics I could find, but I believe all 5 rangers were made.

Carranger (1996)
Carranger had 8 inch figures that had different actions, well just two.

Apparently there was only four of the five males. Yellow was male in this series. Apparently these were in a few different style than the American 8 inchers.

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