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Common Links of Sixth Rangers' Uniforms

UPDATED 08/02/12
After covering the trends in the costume/uniforms in Super Sentai and Power Rangers, decided to do it for all the Sixth Rangers. If the Ranger's uniform is way too different (Phantom Ranger, Magna Defender, White Mystic Ranger, etc.), than I don't cover it:

Maskman: X-1 Mask
First ever sixth Ranger, this one for the Hikari Sentai Maskman (1987), his boots were similar to the boots of Black Mask, that they are black except no horizontal white line. He had a vest and had no white arms.
Interesting design for a one-shot. His vest, for me, counts as a shield.

Zyuranger/MMPR: Dragon Ranger/Green Ranger (Shield, Gold accent cuffs and change of shape on cuffs)

Dairanger/MMPR: Kiba Ranger/White Ranger (Shield and gold instead of white and black instead of gold on glove/butt cuffs--difference from Dairangers than MMPR) This is an old picture.

Ohranger/Zeo: King Ranger/Gold Ranger (Shield, Gold accents on cuffs and boots)

Megaranger/Space: Mega Silver/Silver Ranger (Gold arm bands, helmet bands, chest band instead of white and yellow, green mirco chips instead of ranger-colors)
I like how his outfit matched the other Rangers. This was the first sixth Ranger to have no shield.

Lightspeed Rescue: Titanium Ranger (Gold line on torso, helmet and armor pads instead of white). I consider Magna Defender a Ranger but he's suit is way different than the Galaxy Rangers so I decided not to include it here)
I like the Titanium Ranger outfit, he kind of matches with the others but I wasn't fond of the 'y' shape on his suit (some people say it is a 'T' but it is clearly a 'y') or the color choice.

Timeranger/Time Force: Time Fire/Quantum Ranger (Black torso, belt, glove cuffs, and boot cuffs instead of silver)
I wasn't so thrilled when he came out that he was red but once the storylines came out, I understood it better.

Gaoranger/Wild Force: Gao Silver/Lunar Wolf Ranger (not much difference, only different buckle and bi-colored with Indigo).
I like how his uniform matched with the others but was still different.

Hurricanger/Ninja Storm:Goraijer/Thunder Ranger (differences to the main trio was golden cuffs, gold shoulder pads, knee caps and black legs)

Shurikenger / Green Samurai Ranger
(Shield, and difference with Super Mode--none)

Abaranger/Dino Thunder:AbareBlack/Black Ranger
The Black Ranger had golden shoulder pads and golden marks instead of white.

AbareKiller/White Ranger
Black instead of white, a top sheild and different type of boots and red visor.

DekaMaster/Shadow Ranger
Armor shield on top, teal shoulder pads and teal cuffs and boots, red and teal accents over black.
DekaBreak/Omega Ranger
Gold instead of silver for belt, glove and boot cuffs. Blue instead of Black on left side.
Deka Bright/Nova Ranger
Difference from DekaBreak/Omega Ranger is silver instead of white and vest armor on top.

Break/Omega matches with the main 5, I wasn't crazy with his design at first but it blends well as a six set.

Magiranger/Mystic Force: MagiShine / Solaris Knight (Golden armor all over in place of 'M', red inside of cape instead of white and back of cape lined) -- Note: The White Ranger's uniform was way different than the others, except for boot cuffs, belt and 'M')

When MagiShine first came out, I wished he looked a bit more like the main 5 and I found his design way too gold but its overall good. He is the last 'Sixth Ranger' to have a shield-like armor.

Boukenger / Operation Overdrive: Bouken Silver / Mercury Ranger (metal blue accents for belt, glove and boot cuffs, and shoulder pads; black in place of white with orange accents and red lights in places of white.)
I loved the Bouken Silver's design, I liked the use of orange and blue with black and silver. It looks awkward without context but it melded well.

Gekiranger / Jungle Fury:
Geki Violet / Wolf Ranger: Black thighs, lines instead of stripes, silver knee pads and silver wrapping at wrists and legs.
Geki Chopper / Rhino Ranger: Completely different from original trio.
I loved the Violet and the five of them have a strange but beautiful balance, I wish they use violet again. It was an interesting combination of colors.

Spirit Rangers: Similar to the Master Rangers, with different shapes than the trio. Bat Ranger has black instead of white in some places.
The eight of them has a interesting balance of colors. I think it was interesting that Bandai America used green for Elephant and black for Bat, different colors than the actual zords, it gave it more variety.

Green and Black: Gold belts, glove and boot cuffs gold instead of silver.
Silver and Gold: Ranger-color on torso straps, arm lines, belts, gloves and boots. Rocket wings on gloves.
All seven suits fit together very well, it has a consistency and balance.

Shinkenger/Samurai: Shinken Gold
Blue instead of black on arms, legs and cuffs, silver instead of gold on belt, silver instead of white on chest.
I like how Shinken Gold has the navy blue, but I do wish we would have seen it in black but I guess he would have looked too much like Go-On Gold. 

Silver has a similar suit but the collar is longer and folded and had gold cuffs instead of silver. Instead of a hat on his helmet, he has a scarf-like thing with orange visor instead of black.

They have no traditional sixth ranger, but since the team started with 5 like Abaranger and Gekiranger, they have had additional Rangers that act like the 6th like Abarekiller. The fourth and fifth members BeetBuster and StagBuster act like sixth rangers and are silver and gold, colors usually considered for sixth rangers.

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