Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morphing/Henshin Sequence Comparisons Part 1

By suggestion, I'm doing this, good idea by the way:

MMPR (Top Left: Pilot episode; Top Right: Season 1; Bottom Left: Season 2; Bottom Right: Season 3)
For the first season, we did not see the Ranger's clothes, only their arms and head, to be able to excuse whatever clothes they were wearing. For season 2, I suppose they were in a hurry, so they just had the actors in tanktops and for season 3, they not only went back to the green screen to only show head and arms, they also had the Ninja Rangers in the sequence morphing back to regular Ranger mode and the helmet superimposed over. They would say "Morphing Time' and then their zord name and later on would say '____ Ranger Power.'

Zyuranger (1992--Mammoth, Ptera, Tiger and Tricera to left and Dragonranger to right)
Zyuranger's Henshin sequence was very simple, just the heroes putting the coin inside their buckler and putting it in the air saying 'Dino Buckler' and the Tyrannoranger helmet would transform (the same we saw of the Red Ranger in Season 1). You can see from the pilot morphing sequence, they tried imitating the same sequence as Zyuranger. The Zyuranger did not say their beast name, just 'Dino Buckler.'

Kiba Ranger / White MMPR Ranger
Kou would transform with his henshin device and his body would grow in arm and hest, et. The White Ranger had the same morphing sequene as the others, exept for Season 2, he was in tanktop and season 3 with just arms and head.

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (1994)/Aquitar Rangers (1996)
The Kakuranger put forward their Doron Changer in the air and then we saw their ninja face and wind shifted over them, transforming them, we seeing their helmets. The Aquitar Rangers had no morpher, just put their arms together and said 'morphing time' and we saw a cylinder appear behind them as they said "Aquitar Ranger Power" and they transformed within the cylinder. The Kakuranger said "Super Henge, Doron Changer!"

Chouriki Sentai Ohranger (1995) / Power Rangers Zeo (1996)
Many people point out that the Wild Force morphing sequence was shot-by-shot same sequence as Gaoranger, but the Zeo one was the same as the one for Ohranger. The Power Ranger people cleverly and impeccably used the same footage of the uniform and melded the new footage of the actors together. The King Ranger and Gold Ranger footage were very different. King Ranger had his henshin device and we got a wide shot as well. Jason didn't use the morpher available as a toy and it was just a torso/face shot with his arms and the weapon behind him. All six Ohranger said "Choriki Henshin," meaning 'super change.' While the Zeo ranger say 'Morphin Time,' and 'Zeo Ranger #_ (color).' Jason said 'Gold Ranger Power.'

Gekisou Sentai Carranger (1996) / Power Rangers Turbo (1997)
Both sequences were very different. The first time the Carranger henshin, we saw their vehicles move in and then the Carranger fully morphed. But then later on, we just saw their vehicle flip over quickly and bam, they were transformed. But for Power Rangers, they still said their zord name and then an elaborate morphing sequence, Justin would grow to adult size. The Carranger would say "Accelchanger" which was the name of their changers.

Denji Sentai Megaranger (1997) / Power Rangers in Space (1998)
They used the same actual morp-hing sequence just put 'morphing complete' over all the end images, where in Megaranger, it said the color--Mega Pink or Mega Silver for example and we would see the actor full bodied and rotate and change. But when the Megarangers first transformed, we saw a 3D image of a red human and than split into digital stuff and then MegaRed appeared. For Space, we saw the actor with their eyes closed and then they open their eyes. Megaranger would say "Install, Megaranger!" and Space would say "Let's Rocket." Zhane would say the same but for Mega Silver, he would say "Keitizer, Install!" Keitizer was his device.

Seijuu Sentai Gingaman (1998) / Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999)
The 5 heroes transfromations were different, the Gingaman would turn their Ginga Brace's switch and say "Ginga Tensei!" and we see a full body shot as their suit would go on them from bottom to top and then they would make a pose. The Galaxy Rangers would yell 'Go Galatic' and we see their coin behind them as they transformed and we see the helmet go on. BullBlack and Magna Defender's sequences were basically identical, only that Hyuga would use his sword (also say "Ginga Tensei!") and Mike would use his morpher.

Kyuukyuu Sentai Go Go Five (1999) / Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000)
Both sequences were very different. "Chakusou!" means to 'change.' The heroes would throw on their suits like jackets or mantles and then the suit would go from bottom to top and we get a close up of the helmet appearing back to front. The Rangers would say 'Lightspeed Rescue' and their emblem would appear in front of them and it would mold their bodies and we would see the helmet appear in a close-up.

Mirai Sentai Timeranger (2000) / Power Rangers Time Force (2001)
The Timeranger sequence was much more elaborate and the Power Rangers sequence was much more quicker and shorter. The Timerangers got a whole 360 view through a green and black area and some of it was through computer imagery. While the Power Rangers just got white flashing bodies and a DNA strand would hit them, transforming them. Time Fire would get engulfed in fire and transform through that. Eric would put his fist in the air and glow white and transform upwards. "Chrono Changer!" "Time Fire!" "Time for Time Force!" "Quantum Power!"

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (2001) / Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)
The Gaoranger and Wild Force sequences were shot by shot the same. The henshin device would become a humanoid than the animal and the Ranger would make a pose in the uniform and their helmets would appear on them like the animal is eating them. As you can see above, the order of which Ranger is in which place is different. "Gao Access!" "Wild Access!"

More to come....


LorDemitri said...

Personally, the GoGoV henshin was one of my faves, i just love seeing them throw on the outfit! :D

Lucas said...

actually, Chakusou means "equip" or "Suit On"
Hyuga to transform says "Kishi Tensei", not ginga tensei (i remember that in his first morph, Mike threw the sword in the air, and during the morph he held the sword)