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Morphing/Henshin Sequence Comparisons Part 2

Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger (2002) / Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)
Disney went all out with the morphing sequences for a while. The first trio sequence was similar, in that they were going through wind. The Hurricanger's helmets appeared forward but the Wind Rangers had to look up. "Ninpu Shinobi Change!" "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!" The Goraijer just stood and lighting added their armor and helmets. While the Thunder Rangers' helmets fell on their faces in a rocky area. "Jinrai Shinobi Change!" "Thunder Storm, Ranger Form!" All the Ranger poses were elaborate. Shurikenger had no human secret identity but he would use the image he was disguising as to turn back into himself, he was shadowed and turning. While, Cam's morphing sequence was very elaborate, with him sitting down in front of a Japanese inspired area. "Tenkuu Shinobi Change!" "Samurai Storm, Ranger Form!"

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (2003) / Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)
The Abaranger would glow white and then their hlemets would appear. The Dino Rangers would glow white but flip in the air and get the helmet. The Abaranger had ranger-color backgrounds while the Dino Ranger had brown background. AbareKiller had no official sequence, just green wind would fly around him and then his armor would appear. White Ranger had ice behind him. "Bakuryu Change!" "Dino Thunder Power Up!" "White Ranger Power Up!"

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (2004) / Power Rangers SPD (2005)
"Emergency, Dekaranger!" became "SPD, Emergency!" The Dekaranger stand up and uniforms would appear from Deka Metal and then they would fly up in the air and helmet would appear on their face. "Face on!" The five SPD Rangers would project their Ranger form and go into it, helmets would appear, but we would see it side ways. Deka Master would get close ups of his body parts and armor would apepar. Shadow Ranger would fly through an opening and land and transform. Kat Ranger would make some flips, donning her suit and then her helmet. Deka Swan would stand as the deka metal made her outfit and then the helmet would don on her face. Omega Ranger and Nova Ranger had no transformation sequence. Deka Break and Deka Bright did have Henshin sequences.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger (2005) / Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006)
The Ozu siblings would stand and the suits would appear on them, their SkySaints would appear behind them and then the helmet appeared. The five Mystic Rangers flew up and morph and their Mystic Titans would appear behind them. MagiMother had two different transformation sequences, one without her SkySaint Sonwjiel there but then a new sequence. Udonna didn't have the Snow Prince but she spun and the circle went around her, transforming her. MagiShine and Solaris Knight had similar sequences as in that they would transform into their SkySaint/Mystic Titan forms and then into their warrior mode. Both Wolzard Fire and Wolf Knight had a similar quik transformation, the circle would fall on them to transform them. "Mahou Henshin, Maagi magi Majiiro!" "Magical Source, Mystic Force!" "Tenkuu Henshin, Goolu Golu Goludiiro!"

GoGo Sentai Boukenger (2006) / Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007)
After rubbing the round part of their henshin device on a surface, we see their vehicles appear and then the actors in their suits gaining the helmets. The Power Rangers had a morphing like SPD and showed their Ranger specs and go into it. "Boukenger, Start Up!" "Overdrive, Acelerate!" Bouken Silver stood and got engulfed in teal color and changed. "Gougou Changer, Start Up!"

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger (2007) / Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008)
The three Gekiranger, their animals would run forward and become Gekibeasts and then their hands would change and thread wrap around their body and they got helmet. The three Jungle Fury Rangers would do a big show with their arms and then fly up and their sunglasses morphers would gain the helmet.
"Tagire, Kemono Chikara, Best on!" "Jungle Beasts, Spirits Unleashed!" Gou would appear in a boxing ring and the thread would appear on his left arm and then engulf him and get helmet. RJ would do a big show with his arms and follow his wolf with his suit and gain his helmet. "Hibike, Kemono Sakebi, Best On!" Ken would use his SaiBlade and be wrapped in orange thread. While Dominick had a bracelet that would become the blade and then he would enter an area much like Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder area and he spins around and morphs. "Tougisimase, Kemono Yaiba, Beast On!"

They didn't have to say anything but their sequences were similar. Pieces of armor would get on them and their mask would appear as if they were being eaten by the lion. But Dai Shi/Jarrod's last pose was like the one for the other Jungle Fury Rangers. Mele had no sequence but Camille got a short morphing sequence.

Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008) / Power Rangers RPM (2009)
The Go-Onger say "Go-on!" An onomatopoeia runs around the Go-Onger and they get the suit. Then wheels run around their arms and legs and then they say 'Met on' to get their helmet. The RPM Rangers run around and then morph through an area like Operation Overdrive with their Ranger color. Gold and Silver fly up to it and transform. The RPM Rangers say "RPM, Get in Gear!"

Adam's new Morph vs. Adam's old Morph
Adam the Black Ranger got a new morphing sequence in Operation Overdrive and the background looked much like the background used for Dino Thunder and Rhino Ranger. A Black ranger helmet name at him the opposite direction and flipped and got on him.

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I wish that Adam's new morphing sequence could have been more or less the new morphing sequence for MMPR Remastered.(Editing & splicing inevitable.)