Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who Would Win? Round #5

Rita vs. Bandora
177 people voted that Bandora (106 votes) could beat Rita (71) in a battle. When Rita was roaming around in space due to Lord Zedd, she ended up in a worm hole into Bandora's Palace. She got out of the dumpster and they went out witch versus witch.

Scorpina vs. Lami
165 people voted that Scorpina (63) would be beaten by Lami (102). When Rita was beaten by Bandora, she asked her to send Lami to kick Scorpina's butt for working for Zedd. Lami happily obliged and snapped her neck, that's why we never saw her again. (or that's what my crazy mind says)

MMPR the Movie team vs. Dairanger
Out of 146 votes, fans believe Dairanger (84) would kick butt and I agree. It was a close call, MMPR the movie got 62 votes! Dairanger was the bloodiest series. When Ivan Ooze was destroyed, it created a wormhole that let the Dairanger arrive. The Rangers would think the Thunderzords were stolen and the Dairanger would think one of them were imitating Kibaranger.

SPD Rangers vs. Dekaranger
137 fans out of 186 say the Special Police Dekaranger would kick the butts of the B-Squad SPD Rangers. A wormhole would open and the SPD Rangers would end up in Japan again, only to discover it is the year 2004 and they are arrested by the Dekaranger. Their SP-Licenses tell them to eliminate them.

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