Friday, April 23, 2010

The Degree of Gold in the Gold Rangers

UPDATED 5/15/13 11PM EST
As I covered the degree of silver in the Silver Rangers and wanted to make a post covering Gold, I decided to do this. Gold is less used than Silver. Even though he was called the Gold Ranger in Zeo, King Ranger is not considered a gold ranger in Sentai, he is considered a black ranger, I will have him in the post. Deka Gold is actually the first warrior in Super Sentai to be called Gold, even though she is exclusive to the movie (seen only for a few seconds). She was seen briefly and was like a orange-y gold color. Magi Shine / Solaris Knight was essentially navy blue suit but with gold armor on top. His gold was more like a golden yellow. Go-On Gold / Ranger Gold was the first official gold warrior in Sentai and the second Gold Ranger in Power Rangers--the only to be completely gold. His gold was more shiny, much like his partner Go-On Silver. Shinken Gold had blue and gold, his gold was just as shiny as Go-On Gold but had a yellow-ish tinge. Unlike the color silver--that there has been two female silver rangers, gold has only one female. For Sentai, Silver was first used in 1997 and Gold started out in 2004 but no real toy until 2009. For Power Rangers, Gold started out in 1996 and Silver in 1998.

Now in 2013, we have legitimate five full-time Gold Rangers. Well King Ranger wasn't really a 'Gold' Ranger and Deka Gold was barely even seen over a minute. As I said before Magi Shine / Solaris Knight had mostly gold, it was the armor and it wasn't shiny shiny. Go-On Gold / RPM Ranger Gold was shiny gold, like someone once said was like a Duracel battery with half black. Shinken Gold / Gold Samurai Ranger had blue and gold, his gold was just as shiny as Go-On Gold but had a yellow-ish tinge. Beet Buster of Go-Busters is half black and gold like Go-On Gold but just as shiny. Kyoryu Gold of Kyoryuger is more gold than all of those rangers combined in his suit alone. He has some navy blue and black but he is mostly gold.

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