Thursday, April 22, 2010

Super Sentai Group Shot 2010 -- Everyone included or some excluded?

I wish this was bigger, because it is hard to see some. It has Aka Red in it, but it doesn't have Deka Master (Shadow Ranger), Deka Gold, Deka Swan (Kat Ranger), Deka Bright (Nova Ranger), Magi Mother (White Ranger), and Wolzard (Koragg). Now some are expected not to be there but I am surprised Deka Master is not there.


Fantasy Leader said...

I noticed that X1-Mask isn't on here.
Seriously, I think Rio and Mele deserve to be on here. If AbareKiller can be on here, then so should they!
Kaoru Shiba isn't on here either, which is also too bad.

sdp said...

Well isn't Koragg a Ranger like ally? I'm not sure if I'd consider him a "ranger".

Deka Gold not appearing isn't too controversial since she was barely a ranger at all. I guess after her Kat and Nova also didn't appear much besides a quick appearance but still had a bigger role than Deka Gold. Same with Magi Mother, but she was more of a Koragg like "ranger like ally" wasn't she? At least in Magiranger, she was clearly labeled a ranger in Mystic Force.

But yeah Shadow Ranger is a big omission, maybe they ended up considering him too armored up? He is the least "Ranger looking" out of the others so maybe he was demoted to "ranger like ally". Wow four of them out of SPD, I guess they got the raw deal, another explanation might have been they felt SPD had too many rangers for them to include and they trimmed the non-important ones, which still doesn't explain Shadow but oh well.

Fantasy Leader said...

They put Kurokishi from Gingaman in there. So I don't think it's about the looks.