Friday, April 23, 2010

RPM Micro Megazords

This might be old news but...

In Spring of 2009, Bandai America released the RPM Micro Megazords. They got a lot of reaction from fans because the High Octane and ValveMax came with a 'bonus' zord and Torque Megazord was a whole-new original Megazord, with four new zords. Fans asked Bandai America for what animals they are but they didn't give a straight answer. The Black one at the top was Panther and car mix; the middle purple one was a fox or bat like sci-fi car; and the cyan one was like a condor racecar. The red bonus is a car-like pick-up truck. With ValveMax, came with a purple Cobra Bonus zord. The High Octane shield became a black frog, so it wasn't completely original.

In late 2009, they made three other Micro Megazords with bonus zords of themselves. But they were only released in the United Kingdom and possibly other European countries. The important part is that they were not released in the United States. Recently, PRRPM came to Germany, marketing is different, some things that weren't released in U.S. where released there and things that were aren't. It depends on the market and it is another branch of Bandai. Mach Megazord came with a silver and navy bird-like jet bomber; PaleoMax came with a red manta ray shield; and 'Engine Shogun' came with a black space shuttle. The space shuttle to me looks like a orca or a dolphin. The color schemes match, I wish they went a little more 'out there' with the colors.

Engine Shogun Megazord is based on Dai Shogun, the re-version of High Octane Megazord from the Go-Onger movie. This megazord didn't appear on the RPM show. Bandai America did plan to release the deluxe Megazord but never did, anywhere. I find it interesting that it is called 'Engine Shogun.'

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Anonymous said...

no the micro zords came out in 2006 but they where called transmax of in my opinion they better overdrive toys

Hong said...

I think those micro megazords are small, collective and fun!

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