Sunday, September 12, 2010

POWER RANGERS.COM links to my site!

Saban and Nick took over, while it has a lot of items from the old Disney Power Rangers site (including the games), it has its own style and added RPM profiles to 'Seasons' section. They linked me on the news about the Power Rangers being at Comic-Con! Dear, if you have a job available, I am looking for work!

As for the Seasons, they have '2' Rangers like Aisha, Rocky, Adam, Kat in MMPR; Cassie, TJ, Ashley and Carlos in Turbo; and Karone in PRLG. But they are missing: Zhane the Silver Ranger, Mike the Magna Defender, Sam the Omega Ranger, Tyzonn the Mercury Ranger and the RPM Rangers Gold and Silver--Gem and Gema. And if you want to get SUPER technical, they are also missing the Phantom Ranger and Leanbow/Koragg.

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Ryan said...

They're also missing Tommy as the Green Ranger.