Monday, November 29, 2010

Poll Results: Theme Songs / Yellow MMPR Male Ranger / Blu Ray / Wild Force Saban Season?

Would you object to same-sex innuendo in Power Rangers?
No, happen before - 115 of 253
No, Gay All the Way! - 54
Yes, If just innuendo - 49
Yes, if blatant - 35

At first, I don't think everyone understood this poll. Because blatant is worst than innuendo and blatant is below innuendo. For those who don't know, 'innuendo' means just a suggestive remark--like Kelsey in Lightspeed or Max and Danny in Wild Force. And 'blatant' means outright to say that the two characters of the same gender are in love with each other, like Willow and Tara in "Buffy" or Kurt on "Glee." Well, I am glad everyone said they wouldn't have a problem with it if it ever happened.

Would you want upcoming Power Rangers DVDs to be..
Combo Pack - 130 of 291
Regular DVD - 106
Blu-ray - 55

In MMPR, should the Yellow Ranger have been male and not female?
No - 158 of 289
Yes - 158

Do you consider Wild Force a Saban or Disney season?
Saban - 216 of 318
Doesn't Matter - 75
Disney - 51

Best theme song (other than MMPR)?
Turbo - 156 of 402 -- I agree
Time Force - 142
Zeo - 139

Mystic Force - 64
RPM - 62
PROO - 45

Worst Power Rangers Theme Song?
PROO - 150 of 258
RPM - 86
Mystic Force -71
Jungle Fury - 62
Ninja Storm - 44


Luca said...

As for the innuendo, I'd welcome it. There is nothing X-rated about two guys being in love. It's the same as a guy and a girl being in love. In my fanfic, the red and black rangers (both male) are in love.

Of course I wish Saban would have kept yellow as male. It's no fun with too many females, and 2/5 is too many.

Out of the songs I've heard:

I like DT the most. I also like SPD, WF, and NS. I dislike MMPR, LG, and RPM. I hate JF.

Adrenaline Rush said...

I count Wild Force as a Saban season.