Sunday, November 28, 2010

Classifying Zords: Megazords

What constitutes a Megazord? What makes up of Megazord are zords. A zord is a single large robot or vehicle in the shape of a animal and/or vehicle. One zord can be housed in another zord. And in order to not get super confused, I am only referring to Power Rangers so I won't be mentioning Super Sentai names. I will only showing one zord combination or megazord as an example for each case.

Case #1: Five Piece Megazord
The original Megazord was made up of five zords.

Case #2: 2 or 3 Piece Megazord
It is made up of three zords and it was called a Megazord. There has been other Megazords made of three zords such as Thundersaurus, High Octane Megazord and Jungle Pride Megazord; and one made of two zords--the Thunder Megazord of the Thunder Rangers in Ninja Storm. They can add more unto it to as well. So a Megazord isn't necessarily made of five, it can be made up of two zords or even six or more.

Case #3: Animal to Warrior Zords
One animal or vehicle zord can transform into a robot warrior form but they are not refer to as a Megazord. In the case of the Red Dragon, when it became a robot warrior, it was called Warrior Mode.

Case #4: Sixth Ranger Zord with past zords
You can add other zords to a Sixth Ranger zord but it won't be referred to Megazord, well not direcrly. First called the Dragonzord in Battle Mode, it is also referred to sometimes as MegaDragonzord.

Case #5: Sixth Ranger's multiple piece Megazords
Made of three zords belonging to the Lunar Wolf Ranger, it isn't refereed to as a Megazord, maybe because it is a sixth ranger's zord, but Kongazord was also not referred to as a Megazord. But Mercury Ranger's 3-zord robo was indeed called a Megazord---FlashPoint Megazord. And Solaris Knight's train became the Solar Streak Megazord.

Case #6: Non-Pilot Zords with Megazord
It is a megazord made of five zords and along with the Time Shadow, which is a zord that works by itself and has no owner or ranger pilot. Time Shadow from a flying jet into a robot warrior and become a megazord by combining by others.

Case #7: Special Case Megazords
A special case is the Astro megazord, the main megazord that is made up of the Mega Ship and a shuttle, I consider it a two-piece Megazord.


~gAb said...

Hi! you forgot about the SPD's OmegaZord!

Lavender Ranger said...

What about it? I said I was using one per example.