Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vote Results: MMPR Song in PRS / PRS Nick Promo/ Thanksgiving Parade Future

Do you think PRS will use the original MMPR song?
82 (26%)
157 (50%)
Alternate It
113 (36%)

I asked if the original MMPR song will be used for Power Rangers Samurai because it is prominent in the first promo and when the Samurai Rangers appeared in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

What did you think about the first PRS Nick Promo (Online and TV)?
Morphinominal 259 (70%)
Decent 65 (17%)
So-So 29 (7%)
Don't Know Yet 17 (4%)

What would you want next year for Thanksgiving Parade if they chose to do so with the Power Rangers?
64 (27%)
Float & Martial Arts
126 (53%)
Float & Villain Fight
112 (47%)
Big Ranger Balloon
51 (21%)
Big Balloon & Rangers
88 (37%)

Back in the 80's, they had a float for He-Man and She-Ra in the Thanksgivings Day Parade and in the NBC live broadcast, they had He-man fight Skeletor and had various villains and heroes from both series. Smoke came from the grayskull castle in the float.


Luca said...

I hope they don't use the original MMPR song.

And there would be nothing better than an EPIC BATTLE on the next Macy's Day Parade float.

diego josé said...

I DO hope they use the original song. better if remixed