Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gao Lion, Geki Beasts and more Gokai Movie Pics

Gao Lion will appear around episode 9, GaoRed's actor Kaneko Noboru confirmed to appear.

GekiBeasts are to come out of GokaiOh in Episode 7.

Movie, now confirmed to be released June 11, 2011:
Keiichi Wada (Ryou of Dairanger) returns!

Mika Kikuchi (Umeko of Dekaranger)

Kenji Ohba as Oume Daigorou for Denjiman, he was in Battle Fever J too.

Go-Onger, Goranger, Shinkenger and Gekiranger

17 Reds: MagiRed (Red Mystic Ranger), GoRed (Red Lightspeed Ranger), Hurricane Red (Red Wind Ranger), Bouken Red (Red OO Ranger), Deka Red (Red SPD Ranger), Time Red (Red Time Force Ranger), Red Hawk, Gosei Red, VulEagle, GokaiRed, Kabuto Raiger (Crimson Ranger), Red One, Oh Red (Zeo Ranger V Red), Gao Red (Red Wild Force Ranger), Zyu Red (Red Ranger), Mega Red (Red Space Ranger) and RyuuRanger.

14: GaoWhite (White Wild Force Ranger), BoukenPink (Pink OO Ranger), DekaPink (Pink SPD Ranger), OhPink (Zeo Ranger I Pink), Houhouranger, Pteraranger (Pink Ranger), GokaiPink, GoseiPink, MagiPink (Pink Mystic Ranger), TimePink (Pink Time Force Ranger), GoPink (Pink Lightspeed Ranger), MegaPink (Pink Space Ranger), Pink Five, and White Swan.
Each of these girls have a Red counterpart. Only VulEagle, HurricaneRed and Kabuto Raiger doesn't have counterparts.

Genta, Chiaki, Akashi and Saki

Genta, Chiaki, Akashi and Saki and Goseiger

Signalman, Bull Black Hyuuga, Black Lion Rio, Mele and Zuuban

Shinken Red (Karou), MagiMother, Wolzard Fire, DekaSwan and DekaMaster


Yogoshimacritein of Go-Onger

Dagon of Magiranger



Battle Japan and Battle Cossack


ChrisX said...

Umeko looked... weird. And wow, Kenji Ohba still looked kickin'...

And I suppose Battle Fever J, Dynaman and Abaranger are back.

This looks awesome, though I am pretty sure that it'll be impossible to give each frigging series a fair treatment... but if they did, props to them. Overall, it looks shaping to be awesome.

By the way, it's White Swan not White Swallow.

Jon B said...

Thanks for all the news and pictures but, for me, it was the movie pictures that made me happy. It was great to see more returning heroes. It was awesome getting Akashi, Saki, Chiaki, and Genta, but getting Ryou, Umeko, and Daigorou too just bumped it higher. I can't help it. It'd be cool if they henshin, but them just appearing takes this film a lot farther away from a stuntman fest. While it would be awesome, having the original actors make it more special, perfect for an anniversary. I'm more concerned about the people of Japan than the movie and hope they get better, but I hope we get a release date soon.

Also, does anyone kind of enjoy how the Red group pic and White/Pink group pic can almost substitute as Power Ranger pics. Granted, the non ranger Sentai Warriors put a slight damper on the Power Ranger-ness of the two pics, but almost all the Sentai who become Rangers are in those pics, which I think is kinda cool. Of course, without the Power Rangers subtext, these are still awesome pictures.

ragnaroknike said...

they should have the actor for akaranger back. hope there would be many others coming back from the old series.

Anonymous said...

big one should be coming back i guess? he did appear in the 25th anniversary so there should be no reason he is not in this time.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that one of the most Badass red rangers ever made is coming back. And Umeko kind of looked old.
And, again, lot's of hate because of Saki's return.

Anonymous said...

Nice to Keiichi Wada back as well, Ryū Ranger was my favorite red ranger. I wonder if Kenji Ohba will do a double role as Battle Kenya as well. It would be cool to see some of the actors who played more than one Sentai Hero reprise all of their previous roles at the same time. Imagine Yūma Ōzora meeting up with Burai.

ThatChick said...

Looks like Daigorou quit the circus and instead is selling anpan--his favorite food! And looks like Ryou is still delivering gyouza. Could they be rivals?

Anonymous said...

The name of Daigorō's store is "Denzipan".

Douglas said...

so is every episode having different Sentai show up or is it just random with who pops up?

Anonymous said...

You missied Red One (Bioman) in your list.

Good pics BTW, I love the Abaranger one.

And I agree, there should be more ckassic ore PR heroes.

Luca said...

Thank you, Gaoranger. You have solved my lifelong problem. Wanna know why I hate megazords so much? I'm sick of them all being bipedal just for the convenience of there being an actor!


i dunno why. but Yogoshimacritein looks cute despite his cruelness towards go-onger before. hehe...

yes. umeko really looks old. i didnt know her if she did not wear her pink costume.

poor saki. everyone hates her comeback as one of the dream team sentai. saki is good but i prefer they choose mako (shinkenpink) or miu (go on silver). thats my opinion.

we have red and pink/white sentais picture. i wonder if they have blue, green/black, yellow and 6th sentai pictures as well. great to see them fighting together. ^^

Anonymous said...

genta looka different...