Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can you guess the Ranger? #5

Since it was successful in only one day, here it is again. Guess which Ranger the picture it is. Some are easy, some are not. I might have repeated a team I used before and even the same Ranger as before. Today is Wednesday and I will posting answers on Monday and who got it right.

  1. Put the letter you are guessing and your guess. If there is a picture you can't guess, don't include it. I don't want to see: 'e. I don't know' or 'e. I think its...' Only put the ones you are absolutely sure about. And don't put 'OR,' only one guess per number/picture.
  2. You can use Sentai or Power Ranger names but they have to be accurate, it can't be 'ZyuPink' or 'Red Bioman.'
  3. If you commenting as Anonymous, please put some sort of nickname at the end of your message or the Anonymous will be disregarded and won't count. This is because I have to go on more than just 'Anonymous,' there are more than one.











Drunken Lemur said...

(1) is Gosei Red
(2) is MegaRed
(3) is kakuBlack
(4) is GokaiGreen
(7) OhRed
(8) Ryu Ranger

Mr. Smith said...

I'm going to guess, #8 is GaoWhite.

Anonymous said...

6 is GokaiYellow as GaoYellow i think. :)

Btw, just call me Turd45

ThomasD said...

(6) is GaoYellow except only in GoKaiger female form

Kadam1991 said...

2) Mega Red
6) Gao Yellow with a skirt from Gokaiger

KOTOR_FAN said...

1. GoRed
2. Mega Red
3. Ninja Black
4. Oh Green/Zeoranger 4
5. Change Phoenix
6. ?
7. Red Turbo
8. Change Mermaid
9. Red Falcon

Jon B said...

2 - Mega Red
3 - Ninja Black
5 - Blue Dolphin
7 - Red Turbo
8 - Dragon Ranger (Dairanger)

Black said...

Number 6 is GaoYellow for me (but when gokaiyellow henshin to gaoyellow)

iBēn Lēό敬威 said...

1 - Gosei Red
2 - Mega Red
3 - KakuBlack
4 - GokaiGreen
5 - Blue Dorphin
6 - GekiYellow
7 - Red Turbo
8 - Ryu Ranger
9 - GaoWhite

Chynna said...

Everyone's been saying 2 is Mega Red, but I think it's Goggle Red.

Jasper said...

(1) Gosei Red
(2) GoRed
(3) GaoBlack
(6) Gokai Yellow as Gao Yellow

Douglas said...

7 is zeo ranger 1/ohred

BlueDolphin said...

5-GaoYellow Female

Khrys said...

2 red space ranger
3 black wild force ranger
5 silver space ranger
7 red lightspeed ranger

Jasper said...

(1) Gosei Red
(2) GoRed
(3) GaoBlack
(5) Gosei Blue
(6) Gokai Yellow as Gao Yellow

Anonymous said...

1.Gosei Red
2.Goggle Red
3.Battle Kenya
4.Green Flash
5.Bouken Pink
6.Yellow Racer
7.Spade Ace
8.Change Mermaid
9.Ninja White
My nickname: cobabooy

Jasper said...

(1) Gosei Red
(2) GoRed
(3) GaoBlack
(4) GoGreen
(5) Gosei Blue
(6) Gokai Yellow as Gao Yellow
(7) Red Turbo
(8) Change Mermaid
(9) Black Bison

Anonymous said...

1-big one
2-go red
6- gokaiyellow as gaoyellow
9-ninja white

Anonymous said...

(5)Is Gao White.
(6)Is Gokai Yellow in her Gaoyellow form.