Monday, March 28, 2011

Upcoming Samurai Episodes skip Shinkenger Episodes?

According to Power Rangers On-Air Central, these are upcoming episodes:
Sunday, April 10, Noon, 2009 - Test of the Leader
A Nighlok is sent to stop the Red Ranger from using his special power to seal Master Xandred in the Netherworld forever, but their duel is interrupted by the mysterious Deker.

Sunday, April 17, Noon 2010 - Jayden's Challenge
Jayden leaves the Shiba house hoping to keep the other Rangers out of harms way but when a powerful Nighlok attacks, Jayden finally accepts the fact that he needs his team to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangers

Some time in May, 2011 - Unexpected Arrival
No summary available

Some time in May, 2012 - Room For One More
No summary available

Other sources have this episodes titles as well. "Test of the Leader" seem to based on Act 11 "Mitsudomoe Strife" and "Jayden's Challenge" seems to be based on Act 12 'Historically First Super Samurai Combination'. But "Unexpected Arrival" could either be Act 14 'The Foreign Samurai' or Act 17 "Sushi Samurai."

Act 14 has Shinken Brown, Richard Brown who wants to be a samurai, which can be translated in Bulk and Spike. Fans have been anticipating this. And Act 17 introduces the Gold Ranger. "Room For One More" makes me think it is Gold Ranger related, I am thinking that 'Unexpected Arrival' is based on 17 and 'Room for One More' is based on Act 18 "Samurai Promotion." So meaning they are skipping Acts 13, 14, 15 and 16. Finally! Because there is only going to be 40 episodes and they need to start squeezing episodes if they are going to adapt the 49 episodes, 2 Kamen Rider Decade episodes (Elie Dekel of Saban Brands confirmed htey bought them so most likely will be using them) and movie.

Act 13 "Heavy Cries" has the monster putting white men in place of children, making parents think they are their kids and leave the kids crying. The boys get saddled with red ones (to weigh them down), and these red men creatures appear on the Megazord as well. I remember one American fan not liking this episode, maybe it is too strange for American standards. The monster might appear later on as my guess.

Act 15 The Imposter and the Real Deal's Arrest has a monster pretending it is Green and getting him in trouble. This would have been cool to see Mike in this situation but you never know, it could be used later on as in many past Power Ranger episodes, older episodes being used later in the season.

Act 16 "Kuroko Power" is about the Kuroko, well three Rangers wanting to be like them. Since there are no Kuroko in Samurai, they could just skip them and use the monster footage, which is unrelated, about a rolling rock. Most likely we will just see the monster in a group of monsters later on.


henshin0 said...

I hope decade will be played by Ashton kutcher. He is perfect for adapting tsukasa, plus it would be an exelent cross promotion between saban and nicon

Douglas said...

as long as the ones skipped are unnesassery i'm fine with them skipping sentai eps in order to get that 40 or so mark perfectly.
the only time i think it wasn't okay was when MF was cut halfway through since someone on Rangerboard said that it felt like it was paced like it was going to be 38 episodes but had to be horrible because of the cut being dropped on the writer about halfway.
you should do a post about eps skipped by PR and what eps of pre-Zyu would most likely be skipped if they had been adapted way back when.

Lavender Ranger said...

Douglas, that pre-zyu thing is too much to ask. I'm way busy. As for skipping eps, I have no problem with that either. But I didn't like it back in the day with for example In Space or Time Force or any ep in between they would use an old episode with the first megazord and for some reason, it would just be strange they didn't use the sixth ranger or the new zords. Dinsey had a little better way to explain it.

TJC86 said...

So still no episode 1 and 2 in sight huh....

Douglas said...

actually Lav if you just did maybe the top 3 -5 most unlikely ones to adapt it'd be easy especially if you split it up into multiple posts when you have the time.

as for skipping in the early years it kinda got ridiculous when MMPR1 and early MMPR2 kept reusing the exact same monsters like Pudgy Pig using the exact same footage. wasn't as bad with the Zyu2 footage but then we saw almost all those monsters for about 5 episodes each and i know since i'm rewatching since i stopped watching the show during MF and am now up to Turbo.
Disney might've had better explanations but when it came to adapting some of the footage it was silly at most. like in NS one of the villains was in so much footage they 'had no choice but to use it'. same goes with the white ranger clone since Abarekiller was a villain for just about the whole season but was an ally here so it got weird when one episode the Dinorangers would have a Dinozord but then the White Ranger would have it.then came the sillinest of having Mora and her making up monsters in SPD and having Omega be a ball of light just so they'd have less actors to pay even though it had the most rangers yet. and with MF everyone was friends which became awkward with the footage for obvious reasons. didn't catch anything after that so not sure how contradicting/weird the footage bacame.

mustang17 said...

Couldn't 'Room for One More' be the Mr. Brown episode?

henshin0 said...

@douglas: As far as proo and prjf go, you didn't miss much. They just abridged both 49 ep seasons into 32 eps respectively. Overall, the seasons were pretty weird with the changes, but they did well with the villains, with the exception of the fearcats (ashu/questers) and dai-shi (Ron/rio). It's not so much jarrod (rio), but specifically dai-shi. Rpm was pretty much the old-school-doctor-who of power rangers. The only reason they made the season, was because bandai released the toys even though the show was going under. Under low budget, and little chances of survival, rpm pulled off the whole season. Despite having the zords and costumes as go-onger, it was its own original story, and it really stood out. I admit, I dislike Disney, rpm is something you should check out.

Jon B said...

Thanks for the news. Sounds like interesting episodes coming up for Samurai.

I'm a little disappointed Act 13 "Heavy Cries" won't be adapted. I thought it was a sweet episode and one of my favorites. Oh well, I guess, to meet Samurai's 40 episode limit, it can be sacrificed. However, it does seem a little early to bring the Gold Ranger, but that's just me.

Lavender Ranger said...

I am hoping one of the skipped episodes will be done later, like the monster pretending to be Green and I am also hoping for the bodyswitching ep to be adapted.

Revan said...

That's reason why they make it for 40 episode for this season, it just for skip some episode that unadaptable. I wish they recruit some famous actors from America or Japan to be a Guest Star, or perhaps some crossover power ranger with other program in Nickelodeon

EZ8 said...

I'm happy these episodes are getting skipped, didn't like those filler eps. in Shinkenger. Greatly looking forward to the next ep. of Samurai. I expect them to recreate the epic duel entirely or at least not edit out any footage.

Douglas said...

lav i'll get to RPM eventually. i'm pretty much going chronologically with the episodes and seasons and am at Turbo before the cast change so i'll get there when it's time. and i admit it looks good from what little pics and opening i've seen. saw one ep of OO, the vetern ep,by sheer chance and thought it was so-so. saw one or two of JF and it looked pretty generic compared to everything else but since it was more japanese than most of the other seasons it was probably hard to adapt so american audiences could understand.
since i'm going in order of season i'm waiting till Samurai is done to watch and trying to figure out weather to watch by aired order o story order.

henshin0 said...

Uhhhhh hi Douglas, I'm not lavender, I'm henshin0; please read the title of the person who says stuff, to avoid this awkward moment again. As for chronology, are going skip skip prtf, SPD, and rpm, and watch them afterwards?

Douglas said...

sorry Henshin0 i didn't see who it was that replied since i assumed it was Lavender. no i'm not skipping TF, SPD, or RPM because i meant i'm watching them by season order not in-universe chronology since we all now when they take place minus the order of the Samurai episodes.

Luca said...

These two are the only Shinkenger episodes I've seen. I enjoyed them because the guys were very good looking, but I don't usually watch Sentai, so I wasn't used to all the giant stuff.