Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gokaiger 50 and 51 Preview! Final Wave!

 The Gokaiger run to their mecha.

 They use their Dekaranger, Hurricanger, Go-onger, Goseiger and Gekiranger powers.

 Silver calls Megaranger power for the Mega Winger wings.

 Machalcon is taken back to his world. PatStriker and MagiDragon are defeated.

 They call Goranger powers.

 The Six are split into four places. They are talk to by the Greatest Power in the universe.

 Gai helps a mother up and Goushi comes to help.

 Luka and Ahim spot the little girl, her mom and baby sister.

 She's brave against some Zorgim and says its because of Super Sentai

Shuichirou Amachi

 Yamazaki Yuka has hope in Sentai

 Marvelous stumbles upon the boy from Episode 2

 It's night and the gang reunites with Navi

 Gai tells the gang what Goushi said.

 I think they destroyed the treasure, not sure.

 In morning, they face the Zangyack.

Episode 50 Preview:
Luka as Hime Shinken Red, Ahim as MagiMother, Joe as DekaMaster and Don as Zuuban

Marvelous and Gai go on the main ship

Don as MegaBlack, Joe as GoBlue

Ahim as TimePink and Luka as YellowLion

Marvelous as GingaRed and Gai as Black Knight

The Stunt crew [Clockwise: Hirofumi Fukuzawa, Yoshifumi Oshikawa (blue), Yasuhiro Takeuchi (green), Yuuichi Hachisuka (yellow), Mizuho Nogawa (pink), Daisuke Sato (silver)]; RedBuster and Gokai Red

 Akaranger seems to be the only one cameo.

Diamond Jack and Akaranger; Joe as Master uses Zuuban (not pictured, but in trailer)

Ninja White, Dyna Black, Mask Yellow; and the new dream team: Timepink, Mega Black, OhRed, GoBlue, YellowLion and Kingranger. It looks like we won't be getting male Go-On Silver, but who knows---they might still do it. I don't get it, they have the costume (we saw it in a ranger key book).


ZeroFlame16 said...

Gogreen is supposed to appear as a returning legend. Also, Im going to miss Gokaiger. All those Gokai Changes.

Mjolnir said...

Next episode looks EPIC!

Did the Zyuranger theme played during the battle?

henshin0 said...'s hard to believe it's coming to an end...has it really been a year? oh last time for old time sake--

dino buckler!

doron change!

gao access!

ninpuu! shinobi change!

abare change!

emergency! dekaranger!

mahou henshin! magi magi magiro!

boukenger start up!

tigari power of the power of the beast! beast on! HA!

engine soul set! ready! GO ON!

shuddou phone! ippitsu soujo!

tensouder! change card set! CHANGE GOSEIGER!

ranger key set! GOKAIGER!

dianamagupayo said...

That Armed TyrannoRanger I remembered on ZyuRanger and on M.M.P.R. Season 1! Remember when both Geki and Jason Lee Scott wore the Dragon Armor/Dragon Shield? The episodes "Birds Of A Feather" and "Clean Up Club" are from ZyuRanger Episodes 43 and 45. Imagine Johnny Young Bosch of Eyeshine band would have reprise his role as Adam Park, the second counterpart of Goushi. Goushi is no longer the Prince of Sharma Tribe. He is now the King of Sharma Tribe!!! IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!! DINO BUCKLER!!!

lionel_B said...

My chances are colored red and blue from the final. I have a dream team, in one of them, there OhRed and Goblue, and in the other, there Akaranger and Dia Jack! it makes me too happy to see it, a duet Akaranger and Dia Jack, as well as Ohred and Goblue on the same team XD!

Vinny15 said...

Did anyone notice during the fight scene they used gokaiblue's same fight scene that was in episode 1? It was just extended

James Spiring said...

henshin0, they don't say Ranger Key Set, it's just Gokai Change.

Mjolnir, no Zyuranger theme.

Akaranger's not the only cameo. Go-on Silver has been confirmed by her actress.

henshin0 said...

yeah....i do it in my american call for it...i got too exited.