Thursday, February 9, 2012

Power Rangers 30 Day Challenge, Day 9

"What do you think would be the easiest Power Rangers villain to defeat?"

That's a pretty easy one. I'm guessing lots of you are thinking the same thing as me! The Z-Putty Patrolers. Duh, no brainer! All you have to do is tap them in the middle of a giant, flashy, target smack-dab in the middle of their chest, and kaboom! They dissolve like a flushed turd. What was Lord Zedd thinking? Rita Repulsa's original Putties were better. *Upgrade fail*.

And here they are.

By the way, I came across two pictures today that I felt I needed to share with to the world:

Austin St. John (Jason, original Red Power Ranger), and Ellen Degeneres of all people with two very simillar photos. So weird, yet so rad. Love 'em both!

So aside from strange coincidences with Austin and Ellen, what Power Rangers villain do YOU think would be easiest to defeat? Post it here or on Facebook. Add me as a contact at:!/profile.php?id=100001995444071


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DaiRed1987 said...

The easiest villain(s) to beat in my opinion were the Z-Putty Patrolers cause as you stated before, they had a blantant weakness, and it caame to the pont that the rangers didn't even am for the spots after while, they just get beat up like Rita's old puttie, hen when the scene was done, they would break a part. Also I'd say the Tengu Warriors were pretty easy, at times they were good distractions, but most of the time thye just get their butts kicked