Saturday, February 11, 2012

Power Rangers 30 Day Challenge, Day 10

"Who would be the hardest villain to defeat?"

Complete opposite of the previous question. My choice are the Psycho Rangers of in Space and Lost Galaxy, and Venjix of RPM. Both very threatening in different ways, and I'll tell you why. As a child, I remember the Psycho Rangers being the first Power Rangers villains that actually kind of freaked me out. They were so hardcore and ambitious to kill the Rangers, there'd never been anything like it thus far in the series. That of course was when I was much younger. In more modern years I've been a little freaked out by Venjix. He took over the world and murdered billions of innocent people! In comparison to other villains in movies and TV, he may not be that bad, but when you're watching Power Rangers, a villain like that feels so foreign, creepy, and all around awesome. So that's why I chose the Psycho Rangers and Venjix as the hardest villains to defeat in the Power Rangers universe.

So who does everyone think would be the hardest Power Rangers villain to defeat? I'd love to know all of your opinions so comment below or do your own 30 Day Challenge on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want!

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DaiRed1987 said...

I think the hardest villain to beat was the Psycho Rangers and Doukoku from Shinkenger.

The Psycho Rangers were the best example of how evil clone rangers should be! They knew all the rangers moves, thoughts, were faster, stronger, and had the rangers so paranoid that they began to see them on every corner. Ofr course Saban had to mke them beatable some how, so they made the psychoes so fixated on their counter parts that they turned on each other.

I had to say Doukoku from Shinkenger because he was able to subdue the shinkengers while almost dying from lack of water from the Sanzu River