Monday, February 6, 2012

Similarities between Jetman's Jet Striker and Space's Galatic Rover

Left: Silver Ranger in Galatic Rover; Right: Vypra in her Vyprari; bottom left: Jet Striker/Fire Bazooka; bottom right: Ninja Strom Blast Buggy

A fan (Mr. Time Space Warp) made me realize that the Jetman's Jet Striker looks remarkably like Power Ranger in Space's Galactic Rover, which was used as Vypra's Vyprari in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. I don't know why this took so many years for me to realize. But since I see soo many toys and designs, my vision gets blurry. But maybe they look alike because they are both like dune buggies. The Blast Buggy to the bottom right was never released. But at least Jetman's Jet Striker became a gun called the Fire Bazooka. And Vyprari was weak.

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