Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Power Rangers 30 Day Challenge, Day 8

"What Power Rangers items do you own?"

For being such a huge fan, I honestly don't own an extremely large collection. Just several boxes of collectables and other assorted items neatly placed in a closet. These items include action figures and accessories from Mighty Morphin, Zeo, in Space, Lightspeed Rescue, and DinoThunder. I've got several VHS tapes, video games, booklets, and other nicknacks like beach towels, hats, birthday party items, and other random things like that, you know, just casual stuff. I've never really been big on collecting action figures, but I'm sure if I started I'd get hooked haha!

Tell us what items you own! And post pictures of your collections on Facebook! I'd love to see them, add me as a contact at:!/profile.php?id=100001995444071 Everyone have a great day :D


Josh said...

I have the following Megazords: Dino megazord, Dragonzord, Thunder megazord, Tigerzord, Ninja mega flaconzord, Shogun megazord, Rescue megazord (Turbo), Artilatron, Astro Megazord, Megawinger, Stratoforce megazord (LG),Timeforce megazord,and the Max solarzord. I own the MMPR, ZEO, Lost Galaxy, TImeforce, Wildforce, Lightspeed Rescue, DinoThunder, Ninja storm, Mystic Force, RPM, Samurai, and Gokaiger morphers. I also have Saba, Gold Power Staff, Quasar Sabers, Rescue Blaster, Timeforce Sword, Quantum Defender, Dino thinder blaster, nitro blaster, Spin sword, Megablade, Black box morpher, and the Shogun Buckle. And a 4 foot tall MMPR White Ranger : )

Gobuster silver said...

One of mine is a mint condition turbo poster.
Never been out of the frame