Monday, August 25, 2014

PMC4: Megaforce Saban Brands Panel

UPDATED 8/25/14 6:35 PM EST

Judd "Chip" Lynn hosted the panel and took questions from the audience.


 Megaforce Morph

First Times

Azim Rizk explains Black to Green

Halloween Tent Scene

Favorite Rangers
I couldn't edit this as I don't have a video editor anymore. It shakes a bit of course. I cut off some questions by mistake. Andrew said his favorite was Robo Knight but I missed it.

Gokai Christmas and Advice
Cameron Jebo got asked if he wanted to be Gokai Christmas

Will Orion 'Fanboy'  like Gai? And did they 'borrow' anything?

Audition Process and Water Bottles

The use of Pre-Zyuranger suits, what do they think?

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