Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Future Ranger Keys advertisements at Power Morphicon 4

I personally did not speak to any Bandai representatives but at Power Morphicon, they had ads and flyers that indicated there will be keys coming Fall 2014. One ad had the Gold Zeo Ranger holding 3 keys with question marks on them.
 It is interesting as the Gold Zeo Ranger is in this picture as they usually have the Red Ranger.
Left to Right (Italic are blocked in ads, Bold has not been released yet)
 Top Row and 9th: Ninja Storm Green, Dino Thunder Yellow, Super Megaforce Pink, Solaris Knight, Navy Ranger, OO Yellow, Lightspeed Rescue Red, Mighty Morphin Black
 Second Row and 10th: Omega Ranger, Crimson Ranger, Ninjor, Lauren, Super Megaforce Yellow, Mystic Green, RPM Gold, Pink Dairanger
Third Row and 11th: RPM Yellow, LG Green, Megaforce Red, Violet Wolf, Gold Zeo, RPM Silver, Armored MM Red, Robo Knight,
Fourth Row and Bottom: Time Force Green, Wild Force White, Alien Red, Time Force Blue, Mystic Force Yellow, Wild Force Red, Blue Alien Ranger, Black Dino Thunder
Fifth Row: Blue Dino Thunder, Red OO, Yellow Jungle Fury, Black Alien Ranger, Green Mighty Morphin,  Light Blue (NS?), Pink Turbo, White Mighty Morphin
Sixth Row: RPM Red, Mystic Blue, SPD Yellow, Mystic Red, OO Black, White Dino Ranger, Samurai Green, MM Blue
Seventh Row: Megaforce Yellow, Wild Force Blue, Samurai Pink, Lunar Wolf, Zeo Red, Mystic Pink, Lost Galaxy Red, Shadow Ranger
Eighth Row: Wild Force Black, Jungle Fury Red, SM Silver, Green Dairanger, Blue Megaforce, SPD Green, Quantum Ranger, Gold Samurai
Most of these were seen at the SDCC posters

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