Sunday, August 24, 2014

PMC 4: Misc photos and some info

 Richard B. (Xander/Green Ranger) from Mystic Force

Rhett Fisher (Ryan/Titanium Ranger)

I was walking in the hotel when I spotted Felix Ryan and yelled his name, he laughed as he didn't want to be spotted but he didn't know where PMC was so I helped guide him in and he said he wanted to remain in the downlow. That didn't last long. He wanted a Squinkie of Spike, I hope he got it.
The original Mighty Morphin Red Ranger--Tyrannoranger/Yūta Mochizuki. He was hilarious in the Zyuranger panel. He had a translator but I understood bits and pieces of his Japanese.
quick Dino Buckler pose
I look mad but I was tired. It was a thrill to meet Matt Mullins, he was only there for a little bit. He actually was helping with the rehearsal of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce suit actors when doing a Make-A-Wish event at 8:45am at Power Morphicon. He had glasses on, he says he was in Clark Kent mode. They had 6 rangers, a couple X-Borgs (both colors) and Argus (Barizorg from Gokaiger). Argus looked so awesome but I couldn't take pics because they told me no. It was a surprise for the Make A Wish kids. And I didn't take pics of the event because I was in line for the Ranger Keys (long story). Anywayz... it was awesome. I will write more when I get back home Monday.
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