Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PMC 4: Shout! Factory Trivia Contest, Zyuranger DVD and Brian Ward


Saturday at PMC 4 they had a Shout! Factory Trivia Contest and panel. As you might now, Shout! Factory was live streaming the Power Morphicon 4 on Saturday all day long. Brian Ward, producer of the Power Rangers and other Saban DVDS from Shout! Factory was there and played host to the Trivia Contest. I entered and was an alternate while the four contests participated. There was two alternates, me and the second one answered when the others were stumped but we didn't get anything which was fine by me as some of the questions were from the Power Rangers Trivial Pursuit game and I wrote for it (though I don't think any of my questions made it). Database Ranger who is a new Power Force member helped Brian Ward with the contest questions.
After the contest, Brian Ward was asked questions about DVDs like VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Masked Rider and Zyuranger.
  • All Zyuranger episodes will be release.
  • A possible box set will be released of Zyuranger
  • Zyuranger release date was not revealed, just 'soon.'
  • A subtitling company will have Japanese people subtitling and translating the series. Brian Ward will be asked what are the best choices for weapons and arsenal.
  • Big Bad Beetleborgs are missing a volume because sales are low. He encouraged fans to pay for the DVDs.
  • Brian Ward is not sure if it is about the rights for Masked Rider and Mystic Knights but right now no DVDs are not planned and they have not be asked to make DVDs of them. It might be other reasons other than rights. He knows Kamen Rider is tied up legally and it is a sticky web.
  • As for other Sentai, it depends on how Zyuranger sells. He would love to do other DVDs but it depends. Also, they are taking a risk as there might be confusion as kids might think Zyuranger is Mighty Morphin and it is in Japanese and subtitled. I think if they package it properly and advertise it, the confusion won't be an issue.
  • There was a panel question about 'Zyu 2' footage that was Toei made footage for the Power Rangers and Brian Ward knows about it. A fan asked if they would put Zyu 2 footage as an extra in Zyuranger DVD. Brian wasn't sure if it would make sense to be on the DVD as it was never Zyuranger nor how exactly to put it on DVD (the footage has no sound). So most likely Zyu 2 won't be on DVD.

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