Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Silver, Pink and Blue Ranger Key Variation in Ranger Kid Muscle Costume

UPDATED 11/05/14
Lexx Alolia on YouTube found this key with the costume in Toys R Us.
Picture from Onaor

Also Ranger Keys will be available with these products:
- Disguise Power Ranger Super Megaforce Halloween Kid Costume (Red, Blue, Pink and Silver Keys)
- Pajama (Red Opaque Key)
- Handcraft Megaforce Underwear (So far Silver Opaque key has been spotted)

It looks like the SDCC Saban Brands Opaque Red Key will come with the Pajamas and other clothes. Since it was also handed out by Saban Brands at the Power Force Breakfast, I will rename it on my Ranger Key List and call it "Opaque Red Ranger" key.
Official Key Promo Image found by Razzle

Picture of Merchandise from

 Pink Key with Pink Costume

Blue Key with Blue Costume

Yellow Opaque Key has been spotted on eBay by Pocky Bandit and Razzle1337, it has been said to be passed out at the Nick Hotel during the Super Megaforce weekend.

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