Monday, June 15, 2009

Armored Bikes for Red Rangers and Non-Red Ranger Solo Bikes

I thought I was going to put two posts but I thought of putting them together to save space. Going Green, as such, just kidding. All of these following items were nto in Super Sentai. Here are two Red Rangers who didn't get Battlizers but had bikes that became armor for them:

Transarmor Cycle (Lightspeed Rescue)
Carter, the Red Ranger, didn't have a Battlizer, while Green and Blue got Mega Battles, but he did get armor from the Transarmor Cycle. While in the toy line, the Green, Blue and Titanium Rangers had identical Transarmor cycles, only one appeared on the show---just like the Battlizers. So, the Red Lightspeed Ranger was the first Red Ranger to have 2 cycles.

Strike Rider (Jungle Fury)
The Red Tiger Ranger didn't get a Battlizer, but when he called for his bike, he got this armor. In the toys, all the male Rangers got bikes, but there was only one bike in the whole series.

Non-Red Rangers that got cycles that no other Ranger got:
Galatic Rover (Power Rangers in Space)
While all the male Rangers got one in the toy line, only Silver appeared on the show. The rover was later used for Vypra in Lightspeed Rescue.

Crimson Ninja Glider Cycle (Ninja Storm)
While the main 5 Rangers for Tsunami Cycles, the Crimson Ranger got a second motorcycle--the Ninja Glider Cycle. And in the toys, all the male Rangers got Ninja Glider Cycles.

Blue Hovercraft Cycle (Dino Thunder)
While the Black and White Rangers got ATVs, the Blue Ranger had a Raptor Cycle and a Raptor Rider, he got a THIRD mode of transportation. In the toy line, all the male Rangers got Hovercraft Cycles. The Yellow Ranger, being female, at least she got a Raptor Cycle and Raptor Rider.

HoverTek Cycle (Operation Overdrive)
While all the male Rangers got HoverTek Cycles, only the Black Ranger got one in the show. In fact, he was the only Ranger that got a cycle!

ATV All-Terrain Vehicles:
Black Dino ATV
The Black Dino Ranger was the first to get an ATV. The ATVs started out with Dino Thunder. All the male Rangers got ATVs in the toy line but they did not look like this.

White Dino ATV
The White Ranger also got an ATV but it look nothing like the toy version. The real one looks a lot better.

Delta ATV
The last ATV to appear on the show. In the toy line, the Red, Blue and Omega Rangers had ATVs, the Green Ranger did not. In the Mystic Force toy line, the Red and Green Rangers and Solaris Knight got ATVs, but they did not appear on the show.

~Lavender Ranger

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