Monday, April 12, 2010

Super Goseiger and New Headders

DX GoseiGrand
Gosei Knight's gattai robo of the black Grandeon, blue Sealion, and red Skylion. Grand and Great become into Grand GoseiGreat, with a new staff-weapon that utilizes the other Headders. Grand GoseiGreat is pictured with Mystic DatasHyper at the bottom, meaning that the Mystic Brothers are a power up probably designed for Datas Hyper, so he can stand on even footing with this new comnbo. GoseiGrand looks to me a bit like Gouryuujin (Dragonzord in Battle Mode).

A mecha chart, showcasing all the formations. At the top is GoseiWonder, the dark blue bird-recolor of GoseiDragon, holding 5 new headders (Orange Kabuto, Yellow Elephant, Blue Dolphin and Black Crocodile), including its own Bird Headder. When it combines with GoseiGreat, it swaps out with the Dragon to form "Wonder GoseiGreat."

Gosei TenSword and a glimpse to Super GoseiRed. Looks a bit like the MagiDialRod combined with one of Sailor Moon's Cutie Moon Rod.

Headders so far:
  1. Dragon
  2. Phoenix
  3. Snake
  4. Tiger
  5. Shark
  6. Hammerhead Shark
  7. Saw Shark
  8. Mantaray
  9. Rhino
  10. Kuwagata
  11. Tyranno
  12. Orange Dragon
  13. Green Dragon
  14. Purple Dragon
  15. Blue Dragon
  16. Hawk
  17. Crow
  18. Ptera
  19. Mystic Runner
  20. Grandeon
  21. SkyLion
  22. SeaLion
  23. Bird (name not known yet)
  24. Dolphin
  25. Crocodile
  26. Elephant
  27. Kabuto
It almost got Gaoranger beat as Gaoranger had 29 that we actually saw.


Anonymous said...

their is alot of mecha and weapons this seasons i like that they releasing out the microphone from the second opening..but do you think that its getting to be too much at once

King of Hearts said...

Who did the artwork?