Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My theories about why Lord Zedd is getting more attention in the MMPR 2010 toyline

Above is the new toy coming out this fall for the MMPR 2010 toyline, it is not the 2008 Super Legends Lord Zedd chase toy. It is a whole new model, shorter, to match the MMPR 2010 figures. So far now there will be three MMPR 2010 Lord Zedd figures. Many fans are getting upset that there is so much attention on Lord Zedd, not Rita Repulsa since the first season is airing and not the second season. Lord Zedd would still be welcomed if the Lord Zedd figures would be released during the time Season 2 episodes airs.

Here is the 'story' that appeared on the toyline of Power Rangers Zeo:
To help the Zeo Rangers defend the world from the new menace Machine Queen, Zordon gives them the Zeo Zords - robotic battle machines. When more power is needed, the Zeo Zords morph together to form even stronger combinations. Will they be powerful enough to defeat Queen Machina?

Back then in 1996, I think the reason they only mentioned the 'Machine Queen' and not King Mondo was because the last known villain was Rita Repulsa, so to make fans not scare off so easily. The description didn't even have King Mondo and we can all agree King Mondo and Queen Machina were both the main villains. It is funny how times have changed.

So here are on theories to why Lord Zedd is getting attention instead of Rita Repulsa. I believe it is because of the simple reason that Lord Zedd is male and Rita is female. These days, male villains are more accepted for boy toylines. That a same-gender villain is more acceptable.

For example, Ben 10 has a male villain in Vilmax or all those other aliens. Other popular boy toylines are Iron Man, Batman, and Transformers. All their villains are male. That I can remember, I can't think of a boys' franchise (Ninja Turtles, He-Man, Thundercats, Spider-Man) that had a female main villain. Batman had Catwoman but Joker is more considered his main villain.

For example back in the 80's with She-Ra, her main villain was Hordak (who is left over from He-Man), Hordak was meant to be the main villain of He-Man after Skeletor but He-Man ended and She-ra went into production. Hordak was used as She-Ra's villain in order to advertise his toy. The only Hordak toy available was through the Masters of the Universe toyline, and not available through She-Ra. The only villain available in the toyline was Catra and producers would had rather Catra be the villainess. All female properties these days don't seem to have villains at all. Hannah Montana, Barbie, and the Disney Princesses have no villains, well the Princesses have villains but not in toylines.

UPDATED 5/13/10
Since it has been revealed that Saban has bought the PR property back from Disney and it has been in talks for a while, there is a theory by fans that to buy time until the purchase and transfer was set, that is why MMPR was repackaged. And meant Bandai had a short time to release what they wanted, so that's maybe one of the reasons they released Lord Zedd and are planning to release the White Ranger.

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