Monday, May 10, 2010

Original-Looking Evil Sentai/Power Rangers

Here are six evil Sentai in Super Sentai that had uniforms that weren't simply copies of the main Rangers. Next I will cover when Super Sentai have been copied, clones, otherwise.
Galaxy Sentai Gingaman (Fiveman, 1990)
Not to be confused by the Gingaman of 1998, they were a comedic all male evil Squadron of five aliens who first formed by Doldora as part of her plan to hypnotize the masses. But they would later return to serve Chevalier. They were killed by the Fivemen near finale. They appeared from episodes 9 to 47.

Dark Rangers (MMPR, 1994)
I have cover them before here. In Season 2, Zedd got five teens to become Dark Rangers but we never saw them fight. They were re-painted Putties and stunt coordinator says they tried to do fighting footage but it didn't look so hot. There was Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Black.

Flowery Kunoichi Team (Kakuranger, 1994)
Most commonly known as Hanarangers, they were Gasha Dokuro's personal ninja team he created from cats. Transform by the command "Battle Change!" (Battle Henge). The Sanshinshou turned them back into cats during the finale. They appeared in Episodes 15-16, 20-53. Their colors were pink, purple, blue, green and orange.

Boso (Reckless Driving) Sentai Zokuranger (Carranger, 1996) / Creeps
Within a Sentai series that was in of itself a parody, the Zokuranger were a parody of 'evil Sentai.' Other than SS Pamaan, the other members were made out of the Gorotsuki that have hung out in the BB Saloon for the entire series. After SS Pamaan was killed, the others continued living with the Bowzock. They appeared as a team in one episode. In Turbo, they became the 'Creeps.'

Jaden (Dark-Powered) Sentai Nejiranger (Megaranger, 1997) / Psycho Rangers
The most stylized of the evil Sentai, they were exact copies of the Megaranger fighting-wise and targeted their colors. They had monster forms as well. The MegaRangers manage to digitize them, preserving them as DataCards. Hinelar found the cards soon and sent them to where no one would ever find them. In Power Rangers, the Psycho Rangers returned in Lost Galaxy, Psycho Pink even caused the death of Kendrix.

Renaissance Trinoid Wicked Life Squadron Evoranger
revived Trinoids 3, 10 and 11 resurrected as "Renaisse Trinoid" used to test AbareKiller in Abare Mode's powers. They were killed by AbareKiller.

A-Squad SPD Rangers (SPD, 2005)
Okay, so not completely original costumes (because the helmets are of Megaranger/PRiS), but they are a evil Sentai team in context of SPD.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I'm correct, but you forgot about the Jungle Fury Master Rangers. There was a period of time when they were bad too.

Lavender Ranger said...

Yeah, I know but that goes along with evil Rangers like Green Ranger, White Dino Ranger, Thunder Rangers, etc.