Thursday, May 13, 2010

We should have a Petition for a MMPR DVD Box Set with Zyu2 Footage

There has been DVD Box Sets in Europe of Power Rangers but we have never gotten them in the U.S. Disney has expressed they wouldn't make any box sets. There has been no boxset for any season in the U.S. The closest we have gotten has been Power Rangers Operation Overdrive volume dvds of almost all the episodes of that season. But my proposal is to have a season 1 or 2 set that includes all the 'Zyu 2' footage. 'Zyu 2' is a fan term for the footage Saban ordered from Toei for MMPR and only aired on MMPR and didn't air in Japan. I am not talking about just the footage used in the episodes, but uncut footage. Such as footage of the original putties that was supposedly cut out of Season 2 for Zedd's putties. And the fabled footage of Bloom of Doom fighting the Megazord that supposed to have Lokar. And it would be great to see the original footage of the monsters fighting the original Megazord and not the Thunder Megazord, how it was cut. Now, this footage most likely has no sound effects or dubbing, so I suggest using Ron Wasserman's music in the background. This incentive would really make fans buy the sets. I would pay a lot for the UNCUT footage.

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sdp said...

Well the people who would actually want that make up a really small demographic to be worth it to them, the average joe would just want the episodes. Since they already have it they might have a few scenes not used as special features though.

Personally I would hope the first season set to also include the MMPRv2 episodes. Sure they had their flaws but theres a few things I actually liked and its been the best MMPR has ever looked, it'd be a shame if we never saw them again. Especially if MMPRv2 doesn't get to finish its run and we'll never see them again.