Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bandai Japan new toyline resembles Shinkenger Origami

Bandai has released called Mojibakeru (moji means “character” and bakeru means “to change”). There is six of them [(犬 (dog), 虎 (tiger), 魚 (fish), 馬 (horse), 鳥 (bird) and 竜 (dragon)] and they resemble the Origami of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Each animal comes in a variety of three different colors (blue, yellow, black and white). They do resemble origami and they each turn into the Kanji that represents their name/species. So probably Bandai Japan got inspired by Shinkenegr and wanted to continue with a similar motif.


flamemario12 said...

What were they thinking? Although it's unique,but some people might think it's weird.

Mugen said...

Those are pretty neat and look like fun for younger children. I can understand Bandai for using a similar concept again.

sebastien pitches said...

I hope this gets released in the united states.