Saturday, May 15, 2010

Power Rangers that were not 'Teenagers with attitude'

In many mainstream discriptions of Power Rangers has them as 'teenagers,' but in reality out of the current 17 seasons, there was only nine seasons (MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Space, Ninja Storm, and Dino Thunder and Mystic Force) were the entire team were teenagers.

Lost Galaxy
Leo didn't mention High School and the others except for Maya, were working for the government or Terra Venture. They were the first team to not to be teenagers. Karone maybe was a teenager as her brother was in his late teens and she was said to be younger than him. Maya could be debatable as she an alien who lived like Tarzan. They were clearly in their twenties.

Lightspeed Rescue
This team clearly had jobs and professionals as firefighter, nurse, pilot, and whale trainer. They are clearly in their early twenties.

Time Force
Wes and Eric already went to a Prep School and had clearly graduated. I don't know how things are in the future, but the others were clearly with the police. And Jen was at the point where she was to marry her partner. So they have to be in their twenties.

Wild Force
Alyssa was clearly the first Ranger to ever be a college student. Merrick was from ancient times but it is safe to say maybe Cole, Max and Alyssa were in their late teens but the whole team was of mixed ages as Taylor was already in the air force.

It is debatable as Kat and Doggy mentioned they worked with teenagers but when Bridge traveled to 2004, he said it was the year he was born and they were from 2025, making him 21. They could have been of mixed ages, but were no longer in High School, but maybe Jack and Elizabeth quit school early.

MAY 16, 2010 3:30 PM EST
Mystic Force were teenagers, my bad. We just never saw them in school.

Operation Overdrive
Mac was just two years old but meant to look like he was in his late teens. Ronnie, Will and Dax clearly had to be in their twenties. Rose was suppose to be a child prodigy, so she could have been a teenager. And Tyzonn, as an alien, it is hard to tell.

Jungle Fury
High School was never mentioned and the Rangers weren't like how in Ninja Storm, where their school was High School equivalent so they could have been in late teens. RJ was clearly in his mid-twenties.

Power Rangers RPM
Scott was already in the military and Flynn had already graduated from High School, so they were probably in early twenties. Gem and Gema were geniuses like Dr. K, who was a teenager so most likely they were teenagers too. For Ziggy, Summer and Dillon it is hard to tell.

In Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder, both teams were all teens except for one--Cam and Tommy. Oh yeah and the Aquitar Rangers were not teenagers!


Anonymous said...

do you remember that mystic force promo where nick said something about high school

Colt Bridgforth said...

Yeah and in the 2nd episode Xander had said something about the football team and the first time they formed the megazord Chip said good thing Im in the chess club at school. They were in fact Teenagers

Gibken said...

Given the circumstances of Tyzonn being leader of his Intergalactic Emergency Responders, I'd say that Ty is an adult.