Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upcoming for Power Rangers in 2011

Okay I decided to make a new post explaining the new information we got last night.

  • Saban has made a new deal with Namco Bandai and Bandai America, for the toys as usual and new video games from Namco.
  • 700 old episodes (original MMPR to RPM) will air on Nicktoons.
  • 20 new episodes have been ordered by Nickelodeon. If successful, most likely they will order more. It is reported that there will be a new cast, and new theme and they will be shooting in the summer. It has not been announced yet if Shinkenger or Goseiger will be used as reference footage.
  • Johnathan Tzachor will be in charge of the new 18th season. Tzachor was in charge of Power Rangers from mid-way of Turbo to Wild Force.
  • Disney will be removing Power Rangers from their channels. One fan already told us that RPM will be removed from Disney XD UK.
  • And Saban is making deals for a movie. Nothing else has been announced. Most likely it will through Paramount Films, which Nickelodeon is allied with. Nickelodeon has been developing a new film division, with Ninja Turtles being one of the productions.
  • The Power Rangers will leave Disney World in August 7, 2010 (my birthday) according to a castmember at Intercot boards and Daily Disney blog.

But we still have a lot of questions, such as...
  1. What Sentai footage will be used for the new season?
  2. Will Bandai America still release the Dragonzord and other upcoming MMPR toys?
  3. Will the new movie be about the new season or a reboot of MMPR?
  4. When will ABC stop airing the Disney Reversion?
  5. Will Saban release DVD box sets of the original MMPR and not that Reversion?
So if Saban does adapt Shinkenger, there will be two years between Super Sentai and Power Ranger adaptions. This is for people who aren't familiar with the series:
Zyuranger (1992) = MMPR Season 1 (1993-1994)
Dairanger (1993) = MMPR Season 2 (1994-1995)
Kakuranger (1994) = MMPR Season 3 (1995-1996)
Ohranger (1995) = Zeo (1996)
Carranger (1996) = Turbo (1997)
Megaranger (1997) = In Space (1998)
Gingaman (1998) = Lost Galaxy (1999)
Go Go Five (1999) = Lightspeed Rescue (2000)
Timeranger (2000) = Time Force (2001)
Gaoranger (2001) = Wild Force (2002)
Hurricanger (2002) = Ninja Storm (2003)
Abaranger (2003) = Dino Thunder (2004)
Dekaranger (2004) = SPD (2005)
Maguranger (2005) = Mystic Force (2006)
Boukenger (2006) = Operation Overdrive (2007)
Gekiranger (2007) = Jungle Fury (2008)
Go-Onger (2008) = RPM (2009)
Shinkenger (2009) = Power Rangers Samurai (2011-2012)
Goseiger (2010) = ?? Possibly 2013.
Gokaiger (2011) = ?? Possibly 2014.

HeroPower discusses the possibilities of using either one of the Super Sentai candidates to become Power Rangers.


sdp said...

Two theories that have probably won't but could happen.

1-maybe the season is only 20 episodes long so they can quickly do shinkenger and do goseiger in the fall.
2-The 20 episode season is sort of a recap show, think legacy of power/fighting spirit but season long with a veteran ranger or a new ranger finding out about the "old" powers.

I hope the toys still come out, all I want is Zedd and White ranger at least...It makes sense that they'd come out since they don't have a new season until 2011.

I'd also hope ABC Family would be able to air all of MMPRv2, I mean they are already made and apparently Saban didn't like them so we'll never see how the other revisioned episodes ever again.

As far as the movie I'd hope its MMPR done in a similar style to Transformers/GI Joe, catering to the old fans and new fans. If its based on the new team it'd likely be aimed strictly at kids and a DTV.

I'm split as to what they should adapt. I'd love to see Shinkenger suits to be used for PR. But I'd also hate waiting two years for the latest sentai to be adapted instead of one. The suits would feel really old by then. Also the way they had it worked fine, the anniversary year for sentai and the next was for PRs, so when sentai did something for that year PR was able to do it too since it was also their anniversary.

Brandon M. Baker said...

@sdp's #1: That's what I was kinda thinking might happen. Also, I'd hate to see them make 20 episodes with no concluding final ep to the season and Nick cancel it or something.

And as for the movie, I'm not really worried whether or not it's a MMPR reboot, or heck even an fully American made team. I think what people want is a movie directed to the older original audience. Like Transformers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the like have been doing.

Anonymous said...

It's my guess that the 20-ep order is just a half-season order. If it does well, they'll probably order 20 more.

Anonymous said...

Honestly? I don't think there is a question on if this will be a reboot or an entirely new concept. There is no conceivable benefit to resetting. I strongly believe that's just wishful thinking of longterm fans who care way too much about nostalgia. It's time to move forward instead of going in reverse.

We've seen NOTHING to even hint at the possibility of a revamp. At least the rumors are out there from the last Toyfair suggesting that Bandai is already working on a Shinkenger-inspired toy line.

Lavender Ranger said...

May 14, 2010's Anonymous,

Because of a lot of franchises have 'rebooted' like Ninja Turtles, Batman, Star Trek, etc., it is likely a company would 'reboot' it.

But I agree that it is time to go forward, but look at Star Trek--no body honestly wanted that to happen but it did and people love it. I would be happy with any kind of movie, I don't care if it is a reboot, about a future series or what, I am just putting it out there.