Sunday, June 6, 2010

Goseiger: Warstar and Science-Fiction Movies

For WarStar, Goseiger producers decided to give the villains names from Science Fiction movies. I will cover the others later. Unlike Boukenger monsters, I am not comparing the monster design with the poster, just the names but put pictures for you to know what I am talking about. I don't believe the designs of the monsters are directly inspired by the movie, as they are supposed to be based on insects.

Mizorg of the Clump
Mizogu's name is from the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which in Japanese is Michi to no Sogu. Michitonosogu = Mizorg.

Zaruwakku of the UFO
Zaruwakku's name is from the 1968 film Planet of the Apes, which in Japanese is Saru no Wakusei. Saruwakusei = Zaruwakku. Not technically a outer space alien movie.

Yuzeikusu of the Ice & Snow
Yuzeikusu's name is from the 1982 film The Thing, Yusei kara no Buttai Ekkusu. Yusei and Ekkusu becoming Yuzeikusu.

Mazuata of Music
Mazuata's name is from the 1996 comedy film Mars Attacks! by Tim Burton.

Uchuseruzo of Influenza
Uchuseruzo's name is from The War of the Worlds, which in Japanese is called Uchu Senso. Uchusenso = Uchuseruzo. The War of the Worlds started as a radio play by H.G. Wells that made US citizens actually believe it was real. A movie was later made.

Hidou of Swift Runner
Hidou's name is from 1987 film The Hidden, an obscure reference. It is not highly remembered but I heard it is a good film. I used a foreign poster because I liked the image.

Abauta of the Research
Abauta's name is from the 2009 film Avatar.

Fandaho of Nonsense
Fandaho gets his name from the Marvel comic book The Fantastic Four. It is the first reference not to be a scary movie or even a directly outer space alien movie or book.

Irian of the Queen Bee
Irian's name is from the 1979 film Alien, also by James Cameron.

Kurasunigo of 5000°C
Kurasunigo's name is from the 1990 Japanese film Solar Crisis, Kuraishisu Nii Maru Go Maru. This is the first reference to be a Japanese film and not American.

Yokubabanga of Electric Shock
His name is from the 1987 film *batteries not included. In Japanese it is Nyū Yōku Higashi Hachibangai no Kiseki.

Pawadodaku of Mutation
His name comes from the 1986 comedy film Howard the Duck.

Tāgeito of the Satellite
He gets his name from the 1994 film Stargate.

Great King Month Drake
Month Doreiku's name comes from 1966 show Star Trek. Sutā Torekku = Monsu Doreiku. I used the 2008 movie poster because it was vertical and I couldn't find a vertical poster of the original series.

Dereputa from Meteor
His name came from the 1987 film Predator.

Buredoran of the Comet
Buredoran obviously comes from the break-through Blade Runner, the 1982 film. Also, this is not an outer space alien movie.


Mark said...

I think they named it after Fantastic Four because there was a weird space cloud that gave the Fantastic Four their powers.

Also, why Howard the Duck? Why would anyone want to remember that cinematic vomit?

Lavender Ranger said...

George Lucas

Mark said...

Oh, George Lucas. How far he has fallen. The Post-Star Wars years were not good to him. (Okay, Labyrinth and Land Before Time were good, but everything else...)

Lesther Escoto said...

I actually liked howard the duck :p

Mugen said...

Well, if yiu think about it, an Episode with an Alien anmed after Howard the Duck kinda fits if you want to introducve an badass ostrich!