Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lt. Stone in "Rangers in Reverse"

This is little mentioned by PR fans about the third season episode "Rangers in Reverse" which is considered by many fans as the season finale of MMPR, but officially "Hogday Afternoon Part 2" is the official season finale. Anyhoo, Lt. Stone turned into a kid too and was in his car. IN FACT, most adults turned into kids! A dog became a puppy. The fact that Lt. Stone was turned into a child was never referenced to afterward, we didn't see Lt. Stone in the Alien Rangers saga and it was never mentioned again in Zeo. Lt. Stone didn't even get written out from the show, he just disappeared with no explanation after Turbo. I think they meant to turn him to a kid and be in the saga but I guess they couldn't get the kid actor back or even to fit him into the plot. Or maybe the original plan was to have them all adults as children but maybe they thought it would be too much trouble to have no adults. I think it was short-sighted to even have Stone as a kid, since time was supposedly reversing, making him younger but not that young.

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