Saturday, June 12, 2010

Poll Results: Favorite Couple / Still Watching MMPR Reversion?

Favorite Ranger Couple?
Tommy & Kim got 78 votes of 211

Favorite Sentai Couple?
Sakura & Akashi got 48 of 160

Are You Still Watching MMPR Reversion?
No - 102 of 157
Yes - 55 votes


Diz said...

Wow...I love the Akashi/Sakura picture - I think I may have to start watching Boukenger to understand their relationship. I always thought Sen/Umeko was the best, followed by Urara/Hikaru.

What about you, Lav?

Sean Akizuki said...

It's just funny at how I get Tommy and Kim nostalgia watching Satoru and Sakura. Hee hee.

Sahitya R said...

My favorite pr couple is tommy and kat and super sentai ahim and marvelous but I also like Akashi and Sakura