Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Power Ranger Girls: Amy Jo Johnson

Avid commenter Mark requested I cover the PR actresses, it took a while but I obliged.

The first Pink Ranger. Amy Jo played Kimberly for three seasons and appeared in both movies, the second not as a Ranger. She appeared in archive footage in Zeo ("No Business Like Snow Business Part One") and Dino Thunder ("Legacy of Power"). She is now 39 years old.

Amy Jo Johnson has been vocal about how she felt about her experience on the show, which has divided fans, but I don't want to discuss that in comments.

She played Julie Emrick in the first two seasons of "Felicity."

She currently plays Jules Callaghan in "Flashpoint."

Here she is with her daughter Francesca Christine, who will be 2 in December.

Played Andie Bradley in "Perfect Body" TV Movie. In real life, Amy Jo became interested in gymnastics and after training for years, decided to aim for the Olympic Games. She eventually reached Class One - the highest status in gymnastics - and participated in competitions hosted in the United States and Europe in all four events: uneven bars, vault, beam and floor. She was forced to abandon gymnastics following a severe injury.

Has been part of the cast of the shows "Wildfire" and "The Division."

She guest starred on Spin City, ER, Saved by the Bell: The New Class and What About Brian.

She is also best remembered for Susie Q.

Her song "Puddle of Grace"was added to Felicity's official soundtrack. Her talent in music also led her to star in the movie Sweetwater: A True Rock Story, a biography about the life of singer Nancy Nevins and Sweetwater, who were the first band to play at the Woodstock festival.

In December 2007 she contributed guest vocals to Koishii & Hush's cover of The Cars track "Since You're Gone", released as single. Her discography includes Sneaky Alligator in the albums The Trans-American Treatment (2001) and Imperfect (2005); the singles Since You're Gone (2008) and Dancing In-Between (2008) - Cozy Life.

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Manny said...

Wasn't she a musician for a while?

Mark said...

Quick question: Did she appear in Zeo? I keep getting weird sources that say she did and didn't.

Lavender Ranger said...

Mark, She was credited for "There is no business like snow business" part one but only stock footage was used and she did not shoot any new footage for Zeo.

Sean Akizuki said...

I kind of thought that she didn't age so fast. LOL. Anyway did she already marry her fiance?

Lavender Ranger said...

Sean, I have no idea if she already got married.

campusradical said...

A tasteful comment might be Amy looks tasty!