Friday, June 11, 2010

Power Ranger Girls: Catherine Sutherland

35 year-old Australian Actress, joined the cast of Power Rangers in season three and played Katherine Hillard until Power Rangers Turbo.

She played the Pink Ranger for two seasons and a half, she was only the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger for about 8 episodes. She originally auditioned for Dulcea in the first movie but producers thought she was too young.

When a replacement was needed for Amy Jo Johnson, producers remembered Sutherland and hired her.

She voiced the Machine Empire General Tezzla (white Astral Borg) in the Power Rangers: Wild Force episode "Forever Red".

She played the victim of a serial killer in the 2000 film The Cell. In the theatrical cut she appeared as only a dead body, although her character's death appears as a deleted scene on the DVD. I didn't want to post pictures of it here, if you want, check it out on

She is married to actor Daniel Chilson and has two children, one girl and one boy.


Diz said...

She just recently made an appearance in a commercial...I think for some cereal.

Tom said...

it was a Rice Krispies commercial called Childhood is Calling