Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poll Results: Saban Series on Nickelodeon/Gosei Knight's PR Name/Products

Which Saban series would you like the most to air on Nickelodeon?
Beetleborgs - 71 of 161
VR Trooper - 38 votes
Masked Rider - 19
Mystic Knights - 17
TMNT: Next Mutation - 16

If Gosei Knight was in PR, what would his name be?
Lion Knight - 44 of 167
Leo Knight - 43 votes
Lionheart Ranger - 33
Leonidas - 20
Blazing Knight - 18
Blazing Ranger - 9

What Power Ranger Product would you want the most?
iPod/Phone Case - 80 of 153
Bobble Heads - 34 votes
Pez Dispensers - 23 votes
Cigarette Lighter - 16 votes


Mugen said...

Guess the name Leonidas did not make it because People did not want to associate him with kicking monsters while screaming "This is Sparta!" or saying something like "Power Rangers, tonight we dine in hell!"

Lavender Ranger said...

LOL. That's funny. I basically used Leonidas as a choice because it had the word 'Leo' in it.

Mugen said...

Yeah, I know. But this is waht people will associate the name with nowadays due to 300...