Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Dragon Headders

There is the one original red dragon head that belongs to the Gosei Dragon in Goseiger. Then there was the four Exotic Brothers, dragon heads in the colors orange, green, cyan and purple. Apparently there was a contest and kids sent in their own versions but the winning one is this anglerfish-dragon combo with red, purple, and yellow. I rather like the black and white one to the bottom, second from the left. I don't think this will appear on the show, just in the card game.

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1 comment:

Mugen said...

Well, atleast this one is not a another straight repaint and also not another Skick Header ( Seriously, Skick already has 3 1/2 Sets of Brothers, while Seaick does not even have a second Mecha, so I'm fine with another Seaick Header, even if it is another Dragon. )