Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Sentai Sit and Stay Villains

Inspired by Sean Akizuki's "Wall Villains," I thought I'd elaborate on boss villains who either sit on their duffs or where stuck in some sort of limbo before they were revealed by the finale.

Fuehrer Taboo
Stuck behind a wall in Goggle V until he emerged in the finale.

Star King Bazoo
In Changeman, he appeared as a giant limbless torso, which turn out to be an illusion created by his true form: the living planet Gozma Star who absorbs other worlds through out its interstellar conquest of the universe.

Emperor Ragorn
In Turboranger, he sat on his duff until Ep 39, died and got a new body.

Milky Way Emperor Medor
In Fiveman, she was a big head mystery ruler of the Zone. She is turned out to just be a simulation created by Vulgyre after the Sidon flowers killed her. Vulgyre wanted the real her (an alien woman) to be his queen but had refused. In the end, her real spirit helped the Sidon flowers destroy Vulgyre once and for all.

Javious the First
In Megaranger, this is all we saw of him. Hewas connected to the Nejiranger without him knowing and when they were destroyed, he was too. His heart was used to power his Hinelar City.

Grand Witch Grandienne/Queen Bansheera
Because of difficulties, they had to be floating heads, then a half-freak until the finale of GoGoV and Lightspeed Rescue.

Tao Zanto
In Hurricanger, the boss just sat on his butt (if he had a butt) and punished his generals, until the finale, where he got an ultimate form and fought the forces of good.

In Abaranger, much like Javious, it was a force. It did take over the body of Rije, spoke through her. It finally took over the castle and used it as a body.

N.Ma/The Master
At first only seen as an eye in Magiranger/Mystic Force, then a tentacle form and finally the form above.

And in Power Rangers....
In Lost Galaxy, he only lasted half the season, he was just a big slug with tentacles, he fought the Rangers in a one last battle and it was cool cause the effects of his tentacles were badass.

In SPD, it was revealed Mother Brain... I mean, Omni was pulling Grumm's strings.

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Sean Akizuki said...

In Sun Vulcan, we also had that "brain" villain too in the final episode.