Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2011 Goukaiger Rumor: Skirts on Male Yellow Rangers?

A new rumor for Goukaiger is that since there will be a female Yellow and Pink rangers, and since the Goukaiger are to temporarily transform into past Rangers, the female Yellow Ranger will turn into male Rangers, but a skirt might be added. The majority of the female Rangers are played by stunt men, stunt women have been less. In fact with Goseiger, yellow is female and Pink's stunt person is male, while in Shinkenger, both females were played by women. Anyhoo, I find the addition of a skirt interesting. Dukemon22 says it is 'vica-versa' meaning the male Rangers might become female rangers but without a skirt perhaps (most likely), which is just the Blue Ranger, who might become one of four female Blue Rangers and maybe the skirt will be gone.

The above picture, I tried fixing it as good as I could. As you can tell, some aren't that great. It would be funny if this was true if this series gets transferred into Power Rangers, that we will see the five Yellow Rangers that had no skirts (since they were male rangers in Sentai) with skirts. I suppose Goukai Green will become green and black; Pink might become pink and white rangers (I don't know about Geki Chopper, Kibaranger, Abare Killer or others). And I am sure the Sixth Ranger will become past sixth rangers.

UPDATED 11/4/10 9:45 PM EST:
Dukemon22 says: That's what I proposed. It's the opposite. Skirts will be added to the males when they have to transform into female rangers. The 5 will probably only transform into the core team. 6th's will be left up to someone else. But we won't know details, until we know them lol. Meaning, nothing will be changed. When Goukai Blue becomes MagiBlue, Blue Swallow, Blue Dolphin or Hurricane Blue, then he will look just like them, skirt and all. And Goukai Yellow will become Yellow Rangers, if male, without the skirt. It is just for attacks anyway, it will be quick, not permanent.

UPDATED 11/27/10 7PM EST:
The latter was right and the former was incorrect, a skirt will be removed if Goukai Blue becomes a past blue ranger that was female and Goukai Pink and Goukai Yellow will add a skirt to what power was of a male.

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