Friday, November 5, 2010

Not Power Rangers, Not Super Sentai

Below are various shows I have mentioned before that might have gotten confused for Power Rangers or Super Sentai from time to time.

Squadron Sport Ranger ขบวนการ สปอร์ตเรนเจอร์ (2006)
It had sixteen episodes in Thailand in 2006 and was the first original tokusatsu from Thailand in a while, but it was first to look the most like Super Sentai. Many fans have asked me to mention this series. Starhunter is an alien tribe that steals all life energy on other planets, gathering the energy through medals. One medal was split into five and when Starhunter came to Earth, the Sport Ranger were formed to fight them. Red, Yellow, Green were male and Pink and Blue were female.

Vectorman (1999) was from South Korea.
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鎧甲勇士 is probably translated as Imperial Emperor Brave Knight Armor or Armor Hero Emperor, I am not completely sure about the translation.
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Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan (2007 – 2008)
Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan (Zaido: The Space Sheriffs) is a Philippine series by GMA Network. It was meant to be a remake of the Metal Hero Series Uchuu Keiji Shaider.
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In the biggest copyright infringement ever, there is a new CGI and 2D animated series from China that is literally a rip-off of Super Sentai.
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Voiceluger (Country=??)

Japanese advertisement.

Endorsed by Neiger; (Sunflower Festival), Nishime, Japan.

Toky Game Show 2008, I don't know the name.


ThatChick said...

Voicelugger is Japanese. it was Shotaro Ishinomori's last series, and contained anime voice-over actors, as well as singers. One episode featured many former tokusatsu actors, I can give you a link to the clip.

Unknown said...

Voice lugger looks A LOT like JAQK. That chinise thing has the MMPR megazord! Pretty cool stuff

Oh, and i remember having seen a few of that thing that you have no name. It was emmited as ryukendo and was in most of latin america. I saw a few on Venezuela. It has a PATHETIC reception.

Unknown said...

Oh... And some rykendo siuts were inspiration for some sentai and kamen rider series. The most obvious is the tiger as geki ranger.

And that vectorman thing and sport ranger look pretty cool.

Lucas said...

the yellow one of Tokyo Game Show is called Norton Fighter, a superhero created by Symantec to advertise its softwares in japan. he's considered a local hero because he fights in Akibahara.