Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go-kaiger: Color Confirmation and more

Above: 2011 New Sentai Strap 6 Piece 35th Anniversary Commemoration: 1). Hero 1; 2). Hero 2; 3). Hero 3; 4). Hero 4; 5). Hero 5; 6). Robo

What Dukemon22 says, it is in italics and what I added is in yellow:
The Go-kaiger's transformation item is the mini figures in conjunction with their belts. Five cm tall, SD Ranger figures from past Sentai are used to transform into those past rangers. The SD figures are kept in their belt, and then inserted into the
buckle (or whatever) to transform. It seems sounds are contained inside the figures. When inserting a past red figure the call sounds, "Change (Sentai Team Name)". For example, a Akaranger figure would sound the call, "Change Goranger!" Goukaiger colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink. Yellow's actress is a girl, but she will have the power to assume male yellow rangers. - I was wondering about this too. If the Yellow Ranger represented past Yellow Rangers, if she or he became all the Yellow Rangers, regardless of gender so it seems so. And I suppose Green will become Black Rangers as well. Who knows about the White Rangers or Violet, those that aren't sixth Rangers. By the way, 74 people voted on this blog for this color combination.

As for past worlds, it would seem they may try and use the "7 seas" as a motif. Instead of Kamen Rider Decade's 9 AR worlds, they may use these "seas" to place several worlds in at a time. So instead of a Decade every 2-episode thing, maybe we get 5 or so episodes in 1 sea, which involve a couple of ranger groups. and then the rest of the season going elsewhere? (i.e. divide the 35 series into 7 groups. I think that could work.) Since Go-kaiger can also mean "5 Sea Ranger". San means 35 (35 years anniversary) and Sango which is Coral (posted that before). That's my take on it anyway. So what he is trying to say is that probably 5 series per 'sea' and 1 per episode, I personally think maybe whoever they can, they will cover 2 episodes. I personally think they will all crossover, like we can have BioHunter Silver during when they are visiting Abaranger or we will have Signalman when they visit Jetman, you know, it's a mix bag, that's my theory.

Dukemon22 also says:
I also foresee them getting 7 rangers, as to play with that pun (of seven seas).

I agree. It has happened before with Dekaranger, Magiranger and Go-Onger But I think this (the rangers becoming past rangers for attacks and such) goes along with the theory that Saban won't adapt this series, because what will they do with the little figures (from Pre-Power Rangers Series) in their belt.

Go-kaiger's main villain seems to be named "Yami no Shinseikishi Niizu". Niizu seems to have the same powers as the Go-kaiger, except his mini-figures are that of past villain groups' generals, and are used to summon them.

I hope they make that for sale, Bandai Japan needs more villain toys.

It is really funny where and when we get spoilers through the years. Every year you can't really tell which one comes before. On November 21, 2009, we got big scans of Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger; while last week we got pictures of Goseiger vs. Shinkenger. And last year by this time we had the MMPR 2010 toys (mid-October), and we haven't even gotten a glimpse of a picture of the Power Rangers Samurai toys. We have heard rumors of Sentai 2011 Goukaiger but still no pics, last year by October we had sketches (but now proven not to be the final Goseiger). But spoilers for next year certainty always come between August to December. This year has been slow.

UPDATED 11/3/10 3:30 PM EST:
- 16 mini-figs from the show, and those are figures you can use in the DX belt.
- Red's mecha is a Pirate Ship.
- The Gattai Robo has a pirate hat, and a cannon attached.
- When the occasion arrives where male colors must become females (and same goes for males using female heronie--like blue) a skirt is attached.
- The Gattai Robo has "Rekidai Modes" (Past Generation Modes) "ShinkenOh Mode" has been confirmed. -Just like commenter Diego Jose predicted.
Translations thanks to Dukemon22.


simh86 said...

I reckon your probably right about them not adapting Goukaiger, however they could do since it'll be the 20th season, or maybe for a special movie or something, and since PR seasons are generally shorter than Sentai ones they have 19 seasons to crossover(or 17/18 sets of costumes) so maybe 2 episodes of each ranger season somehow, and then a 2 or 3 part finale, but hey, just an idea

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they'll organize the baddies? Will it be a coalition of past villains, like in Decade? Or will there be completely new villains?

diego josé said...

I think that adapting this series to Pr could be both Dangerous and awesome. They just have to be creative, like they did when turned Zyu to MMPR. Maybe they could be pr "from other dimensions and countries". I think that, with this info, Goukaiger will have no suits, but only other team's... This is good for anniversary purposes, but toy sales will be very mixed (some seasons will blow away like go ranger but others will be VERY low), plus specific advertisement for this season will be hard to make... I wonder if the mecha will also transform into past mecha...

diego josé said...

They could also adapt a few episodes like a Zyu based episode for a special short annyversary season while a Goseiger adaptation runs...