Monday, November 1, 2010

Interesting E-mail

get a lot of e-mails every now and then, not all worth mentioning but here is one worth mentioning, well, according to me.

Hi. I like your blog and there are a few topics i've been wating you to cover...

Why saban choosed zyuranger over other sentai series: there are many reasons, a sixth ranger, a colored mecha (most were blue with white or red touches), jurassic park airing and well... It was the newest.

Other sentai with chances of being the first pr: zyu wasnt the only sentai to be chosen. Originally jetman was going to be pr, and so sun vulcan, bioman, flashman and liveman.

What ever happened do gosei green?
Different weapons in super sentai
Sentai influence in saint seiya, voltron, and other sentai.
How is you dairanger adaptation going?

A few polls: the best ranger of mmpr? Which other sentai would you have chosen for mmpr? What motifs would you like for future sentai series? Would you like old sentai to be remade for pr? And please, if you are gay keep it to you. I don't think the kind of people that read the blog care about that.

That is the first message or e-mail I have ever got to tell me to 'cut the gay stuff.' I will never stop being myself. Let naysayers say what they want to say. I will continue doing what I want to do.

I since exchanged more e-mails with the person who sent me the e-mail and he apologized and I forgave him. I just want to say that if you feel uncomfortable with anything on this blog, just click it off. I will continue doing what I do. Because my whole life I have heard people say to me "If you are gay, keep it to yourself" and I am not going to stop doing something just because someone doesn't like it. I live in a country where a gay couple in a TV sitcom ("Modern Family") can be #1 (in the United States) and it is considered family entertainment, so anything I've done so far has been tame.


diego josé said...

That was me, sorry about that. It wasn't my inttenyion to make you feel that way, i'm just saiyng that you don't know how many kids are out there reading you blog, since pr is a kids show. I had a bad morning and i kind of wrotte that with some anger... Hut anyway, don't make my opinion stress you... And im not a naysayer! But anyway thanks for answering...

elijah_brenton said...

Well, that was rude. I don't care what kind of day you were having, that's just not how you talk to people, especially people you don't know. He don't know how you would've taken it or anything and it's very insulting. Personally, I don't believe in doing that to anyone. If you have a problem with it, take your own advice and keep it to yourself. I'm glad that the person apologized and that you accepted it and the whole thing is squashed. I enjoy reading your blog and it's just plain awesome because you give a lot of good information on PR. I can't do much because I'm living in Japan right now so reading your blog really helps me. Let the haters hate. They aren't the ones writing your blog, you are so therefore, you write whatever you feel like writing.

heropower said...

It's interesting that this comes up now, given recent events- several highly publicized suicides among gay youth due to harassment by people who can't just get over it.

I don't think this is that serious at all, but it's a little annoying to see yet another criticism like this. Particularly when the "gay stuff" is still actually connected to the main point of the blog.

People seriously need to chill.

Lavender Ranger said...

heropower, thanks for your positive words. yeah, that e-mail is not serious as the recent suicides. More than 30% of all suicides are committed by gay teens. I speak for a non-profit that want to prevent gay suicide.

Also thank you for saying that it is still connected to the main point of my blog.