Monday, November 1, 2010

Serious to Goofy Villains from Sentai to PR

Some characters from Super Sentai to Power Rangers remained the same but some changed.

Goldar / Griffizor
Griffizor was serious throughout Zyuranger. In MMPR, Goldar was serious too, but slowly, mostly in Season 3 and Zeo, he became goofier and more of a comic relief. He started just joking around with Rito, becoming buddies. In Zeo, they served Bulka dn Skull.

Rito / Basha Skull
Kakuranger was kinda goofy anyway but mix with serious, Basha Skull meant business, Rito was powerful in the beginning but slowly showed he was a slacker and didn't take stuff seriously. Rito even called Zedd 'Ed' and became a tag-team comic relief with Goldar.

Gluto / Don Donero
In Timeranger, Don Donero was the tough but sort of caring leader. In Time Force, he became a useless dumb goofy character who barely appeared in the season. This is the first that got me mad to make a serious character into a dumb one, probably because he was fat, I hate when American TV shows equate plus-size characters with idiocy.

Choobo / Chobuzo
In Hurricanger, he was strong, serious and not to be mess with; when the Gouraijer didn't take him seriously, he would put them in the box backpack. He was killed. His brother came back ina teamup for revenge. Choobo was just a dumb lug that followed orders, when he was destroyed, he did come back and was shrunk.

General Crunch / Kitenedas
In Go-Onger, Kitendas was serious and tough, he did make jokes but it wasn't slapstick. General Crunch was turned into a dummy.


Max said...

You forgot Zelmoda (CarRanger)-->Elgar (Turbo)

Anonymous said...

I guess when it gets right down to it, Which goofy Villain is the biggest waste of space?: Goldar, Rito, Gluto, Choobo or Crunch? I'm going with Gluto 1st, Crunch 2nd, Choobo 3rd, Rito 4th and Goldar 5th

PowerRangersWolfRangerKoragg said...

I think Crunch is better than Choobo because at least he didn't ruin the whole show, unlike Choobo and the other villains in Ninja Storm.

PowerRangersWolfRangerKoragg said...

Biggest waste to smallest waste? Here's mine: 1. Gluto, 2. Choobo, 3. Crunch, 4. Rito, 5. Goldar