Monday, November 1, 2010

Serious to Goofy Villains from Sentai to PR

Some characters from Super Sentai to Power Rangers remained the same but some changed.

Goldar / Griffizor
Griffizor was serious throughout Zyuranger. In MMPR, Goldar was serious too, but slowly, mostly in Season 3 and Zeo, he became goofier and more of a comic relief. He started just joking around with Rito, becoming buddies. In Zeo, they served Bulka dn Skull.

Rito / Basha Skull
Kakuranger was kinda goofy anyway but mix with serious, Basha Skull meant business, Rito was powerful in the beginning but slowly showed he was a slacker and didn't take stuff seriously. Rito even called Zedd 'Ed' and became a tag-team comic relief with Goldar.

Gluto / Don Donero
In Timeranger, Don Donero was the tough but sort of caring leader. In Time Force, he became a useless dumb goofy character who barely appeared in the season. This is the first that got me mad to make a serious character into a dumb one, probably because he was fat, I hate when American TV shows equate plus-size characters with idiocy.

Choobo / Chobuzo
In Hurricanger, he was strong, serious and not to be mess with; when the Gouraijer didn't take him seriously, he would put them in the box backpack. He was killed. His brother came back ina teamup for revenge. Choobo was just a dumb lug that followed orders, when he was destroyed, he did come back and was shrunk.

General Crunch / Kitenedas
In Go-Onger, Kitendas was serious and tough, he did make jokes but it wasn't slapstick. General Crunch was turned into a dummy.


Max said...

You forgot Zelmoda (CarRanger)-->Elgar (Turbo)

Anonymous said...

I guess when it gets right down to it, Which goofy Villain is the biggest waste of space?: Goldar, Rito, Gluto, Choobo or Crunch? I'm going with Gluto 1st, Crunch 2nd, Choobo 3rd, Rito 4th and Goldar 5th

PowerRangersWolfRangerKoragg said...

Biggest waste to smallest waste? Here's mine: 1. Gluto, 2. Choobo, 3. Crunch, 4. Rito, 5. Goldar