Thursday, November 11, 2010

Actor On/Off-Set Romances

Reggie and Amy Rolle
Amy Miller (Trakeena) married fellow cast member Reggie Rolle (Green Galaxy Ranger) after filming wrapped up in 1999 and currently lives in Grapevine, Texas. However, in the crossover with Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, Reggie appeared but she didn't; she was ready to reprise her role but after a fallout with Saban Entertainment, the role of Trakeena was then re-assigned to actress Jennifer Burns. Rumor is she wasn't happy with the story.

Emma Lahana and Brandon Jay McLaren
Emma (Kira, Dino Thunder) and Brandon (SPD) met during filming of the teamup episodes with S.P.D. They were first seen together at Comic-Con 2005 and previously lived together. They also went together to the premiere of the movie She's The Man, in which Brandon co-starred in. A rumor is that Brandon was asked to come back for "Once A Ranger" but since he and Emma had a falling out, he choice not to return. That is one reason to why Bridge was chose to return as the Red Ranger. This is just a rumor.

UPDATED 11/13/10 4PM EST
Anna Hutchison and Jason Smith
I didn't know this, but apparently Anna (Lily) and Jason (Casey) dated for a while. They not only were co-stars in Jungle Fury but also guest starred in Legend of the Seeker.


manuel0011 said...

You forget the romance of emma lahana and latham gaines(the men who does anton mercer and mesogog)

Simone said...

what about the red and yellow jungle fury rangers (Jason Smith & Anna Hutchison)? Aren't they dating each other?

CrossyfireZ2 X said...

Wow just wow