Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Other Power Rangers Samurai Cast Rumors

There is something I have not been addressing. it is a rumor on Rangerboard. Since I realize some people who read this blog do not frequent on Rangerbaord, here is some indulgent. Well, this also has to do with Facebook. Ricardo Medina Jr. (Cole of Wild Force, above) has been found out to be in New Zealand.

He was found posting on Hector David's Facebook (Mike of Samurai) page, asking what they wanted to do, it seemed they have a rapport (friendship).

A fan asked Rick if he would appearing in the new season, he was mum. And when Hector David was asked about something else about Samurai, he also was not forthcoming. Paul Schrier (Bulk) was also found to be in New Zealand but now it has been found out he has been returned to Los Angeles. Now fans are debating if Ricardo will be playing Cole again or a new character. We'll see, it hasn't be confirmed so we just got to wait and see.

Now, I am aware there are Ricardo haters out there so please keep comments civil (as I ask always)!

UPDATED 11/13/10
Pictures of Hector David Jr., Rick Medina Jr., and Najee De-Tiege has appeared on Facebook. They are shown hanging around, using a crosssbow and gun.


Anonymous said...

http://www.powerrangers.com/seasons-samurai.html# snapshots and names of the new cast are up

Lavender Ranger said...

Um, Terrykun I don't see anything new, that stuff has been up for a while.

diego josé said...

Great! I hope we get a crossover with Wild Force, since it was the last saban season... Or it's first half