Saturday, November 13, 2010

Power Ranger Boy: Daniel Southworth

This is dedicated to a friend named Nora who is a big fan of his and watched almost every movie she could get of his.
36 year-old Actor, best known as Eric Meyers/Quantum Ranger in Time Force.

Before moving to Los Angeles from northern California, Daniel studied the martial arts for 15 years before receiving his black belt.

. In college Daniel became hooked on gymnastics and continues to train as a preferred means of exercise with Mike Washlake, a veteran gymnastic coach and well known stuntman.

Daniel's success at combining his martial and acrobatic skills has awarded him the opportunity to work with Jackie Chan and Samo Hung (Martial Law).

He assisted with choreography, wire work, and stunts to one of Jackie Chan's top fight choreographers, Andy Cheng.

He has been in U.S. Seals II, V.I.P., Charmed, Demon Hunter and House of the Dead.

I forgot to mention he played Superman in a Shakira music video.

Daniel continues to train regularly with Andy Cheng, one of Jackie Chan's top fight choreographers and action director on US SEALS 2.


manuel0011 said...

you forget to mention that he appered in one of shakira videos

James Spiring said...

Daniel is 36, not 26. Born on September 2, 1974.