Sunday, November 7, 2010

Goseiger as past teams

I thought this was common notice but an hour before Goseiger airs on TV-Ashai, there is a half-hour special showcasing the V-Cinema Teamup specials because of the Dice-O games. Since each teamup is a hour long, they show 1 part per week since it is a half-hour long. The Goseiger host the half-hour with the 'eye-catcher' bookends before and after commercials. They have dressed up as past teams. I only managed to get two pictures, I haven't been able to find any others, but I do know they dressed as the Hurricanger, not sure about any other.

Megaranger, thanks to James Spiring.

Goseiger Cast as Gingaman.

As Hurricanger, thanks to James Spiring. The girls didn't dress as the Gouraijer but as the villainesses, Hyde had to cross dress. In Boukenger, Black and Silver dressed as the Gouraijer and the girls were Blue.

Goseiger cast in Abaranger.

This is my 1000th post of Henshin Grid!

UPDATED 11/13/10
On November 14, for Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, they dressed half and half. The boys as Dekaranger and the girls as Magiranger, which I think is highly unfair because they should had been Dekaranger first and then as Magiranger but I guess since the next special is Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, they will dress as the Boukenger. But they should had done Dekaranger last week and Magiranger this week. Maybe they did want Hyde in Yellow. ? :(

12/5/10 - Boukenger Vs. Super Sentai
The Goseiger meet Aka Red, who at that point was rumored to be involved in Gokaiger. (He has the 30th logo in this form and XXX buckle, in Gokaiger, he has a V over the buckle and the 35th logo on his chest).


James Spiring said...

More pictures:
Another Abaranger picture

Luca said...

They're ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

tmueta said...

This time as Boukenger (Bouken vs SS was concluded yesterday, next is Geki vs Bouken):

Serena Chang said...

can someone tell me where i can watch this....or which episodes have this please?????